I never wanted a baby
|   Jan 19, 2017
I never wanted a baby

I never wanted a baby so early

I mean, it was just a year and a month that i came to know of my 4weeks pregnancy

The voice of the sonologist who confirmed it,still rings in my ears

I was devastated at the knowledge of my pregnancy as ours was a love marriage, the love factor was a little high in our case and we were ever happy in our own world of bliss.

Being a christian we could not think of abortion and so the only option was to continue with the same

I went into depression in the early months. Unlike any other woman,i never talked to my unborn baby neither did i feel any good about it.

Days passed and months too, i was growing and growing,in size and shape and finally after so much of hardship

She was here..my daughter Serah

She became world to her dad and everyone else in the house

But i was still lonely, felt vague and empty all the time

I tried to relate myself with the first touch of my baby but trust me

Nothing worked.


Slowly and gradually i started understanding the fact that i was a mom now and i had a baby who was completely dependent on me

That was the moment i realized my motherhood and thanked God for the beautiful princess he gave me

Today she is 6 months

And i am a happy mother of a happy baby😊

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