"Don't mess with Mommy while I'm around". . says my baby to Stress and Tension
|   Aug 06, 2015
"Don't mess with Mommy while I'm around". . says my baby to Stress and Tension

Blame it on the hormones (that's right. . since the time I got pregnant, it’s a habit for me to blame everything on poor/not so poor hormones), I seem to have evolved into some kind of a 'Human Stress Magnet' . . I get irritated with just anybody, if I have to repeat what I said. . annoyed with my husband, if MY work is not done (so unfair,I know. . but can't help it. .he he). . angry with the whole world, for not understanding me. . Basically. . I went around looking for reasons to stress myself out.

But again, being the smart and intelligent being that I am ( ;-P). . I identified my invisible enemy and was now ready for combat. . (imagine a super determined look here)

Dressed up in a virtual armor. . I started reading the ' How not to be stressed' book. .but I am only at page 3 and its already time for me to return the book (I am a mom. . so you can imagine how busy I am) . and tried yoga and meditation. . .but the only pose I was successful at achieving until today is savasana. . :-(

Hmmm. .  I'm fighting against a strong enemy. . SIGH. .  

When I thought I almost lost the battle. . there was this day. . on my way back from work. . after a particularly difficult day. . I was cribbing nonstop while my husband was busy cursing the traffic, getting annoyed with all the drivers who were blissfully unaware of the road rules. . and occasionally but strategically nodding his head and giving his 'mmm' and 'Oh' responses(as usual). . then my little doll did something that will forever be etched in my mind. . a memory that I will recollect as I grow old (oops. . I meant older. . ). . a memory that I will recount to my grandchildren (that is. . if my daughter decides to have kids). .a memory that will always make me smile . . :-) She ruffled my hair . . . . put her tiny arms around my neck. . .looked right into my eyes and turned on her most charming smiles. . .and as if that was not enough. . as I am still melting in the warmth of the moment. . she said those magic words. . ' It's OK Mommy'. . 

Now, this may not seem like much to you. . but given that my baby is only 2 years old. . I bet she did not understand what I was cribbing about (or so I think). .nevertheless, she knew exactly what to do to kill my mighty enemy called 'stress' in a single stroke. . Yay!

Atlast. . It's time for me to do the victory dance. . and yes. . with my sweet bobbing head doll who I proudly call 'my daughter'. .Now come join us in our dance. .

Boom boogie boom boogie rubba dabba da. . Ha ha to you Stressy. . Now remember to keep your distance with me. . I have my daughter by my side. . boom boogie boom boogie rubba dabba da. 


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