I am a working mom and if you think the grass on my side is greener. . yes. . I agree. .
|   Jul 01, 2015
I am a working mom and if you think the grass on my side is greener. . yes. . I agree. .

 After the hundreds and thousands of blogs and articles and forum discussions, one would want to believe that there is nothing more to say on the topic. .SAHM vs Working Moms. . but I guess, as women. . we can talk about anything under the sun (or above or around it) non-stop for hours. . and we as moms. . can talk on this particular topic. . for a myriad of years. .can't we?;-)

You may ask. . why are YOU talking about it now?  . . . coz. . (get ready. . imagine the mild siren like music that is generally played as flashback music in old movies as I start narrating the following episode from my past. .)

Long time ago. . i.e. last night, I called my long lost friend who is now a mother of 2 kids. . The first thing I did was apologize for not being in touch and all that I expected from her was a gracious acceptance of my apology. .but she, being the sweety  that she is. . .said "I sit at home all day my dear, but still don't find the time to call you. . . .how can I blame YOU?!". . This triggered an avalanche of thoughts in my head. . 

Yes. . she is at home ALL day. .yes. . she gets to enjoy the joys of parenting to the fullest(no arguments there). . but if were to lock the "parenting" part in a heavy safe and think about her as just another woman. . Does she get to lay back, close her eyes and rest her head while the cab gently (or not so gently) rocks her all the way work and back?! Does she get to discuss movies and clothes and shopping and world economy or Modi's strategy with people who are of age more than 5?! Does she get a quiet 10 minutes to enjoy her coffee?!  Does she get 30 minutes to eat her food (I mean food and not leftovers. . that too served on a plate)at a table?! Does she get to go fancy restaurants now and then in the name of 'team dinners'?! Does her husband help her with the chores as much as any working mom's husband helps?! Does she get to sit on a chair for a few hours every day to rest her aching back?! Does she get all the above and a few (or not so few) thousands at the end of the month?!

As I'm sitting here at my office pantry gazing out the glass walls at the perfectly manicured lawns and blooming gardens, slowly sipping my coffee. .  I realize this, my dear friend. . You could easily be me any day. . but I'd need to work hard to be you. . so. . "PLEASE BLAME ME. . coz as a working mother I get to enjoy too many luxuries every single day. . that you could only dream of. . "

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