Sweetie. . can you repeat that mistake again for mommy. .peeese :-)
|   Jun 18, 2015
Sweetie. . can you repeat that mistake again for mommy. .peeese :-)
I like most moms, have this urge to correct my baby every time she errs. . .
Nevertheless, there are these times when I want her to repeat some of her mistakes over and over again. . like. . 
when she wants me to add Simo none to a dish. . or when she wants a geein galar pen. . or when she brings me her shoe when I'm trying to shoo away a massito (a little loudly to add drama). . or when she stubbornly demands to watch Chottanaem (Oh yes. . my daughter is no exception. . she adores that brat Chotta Bheem. .). .or points out Doah on a daycare compound wall. . and the times she so sweetly asks for her waatte poatte . .
I make her say it so many times a day. .and strangely. .I glow with pride every time she makes those mistakes(can you believe that?!). Speak of the many joys of parenting a toddler. . 
As a kid, I was taught a poetry that went on like this. .  "only the people who haven't enjoyed the lisping prattle of their kids, believe that the flute and harp sound sweet". . I even won a prize for reciting it. . But today, 25 years later. . I have understood the true meaning of the lines. .  
P.S : Apart from that I want her to be little Ms. Perfect. . (no arguments there. . ;-) )
simo none     : cinnamon
geein galar   : green colour
massito          : mosquito

Doah               : Dora the explorer

waatte paatte: water bottle


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