Dilemma of a working woman..
|   Dec 27, 2016
Dilemma of a working woman..

Was life of yesteryear much simpler and enjoyable than today? 

When I listen to my grandma's and moms stories of their childhood, it sounds like music to my ears. Agreed that in the modern era women have come a long way in terms of liberation and woman empowerment. We have fought a battle and have come out victorious in ways more than one. 

But while some Adams of today have managed to keep their prejudices aside and hold woman in a different light, the others seem to be still tightly holding on to biases. Its a known fact that woman are no longer limited to kitchen and babies. They have proved their excellence outside home too.

A high percentage of men do not mind their wives working as long as it helps to keep the fire in the kitchen burning but there the support ends. The woman is allowed to work and share the burden of the man. But what about the burden that she shoulders alone. 

Looking after childrens needs, cooking , cleaning, entertaining guests and trying to please an army of judgemental relatives ,after a hard days work at the office is no mean job while the man relaxes in front of the idiot box.And guess what, the man gets away saying that it was the wifes choice to work in the first place. So if you have jumped into the fire..fight your demons alone. Such is the plight of working women. 

 While discussing with Grandma and Mom about the present situation, they spoke about how things were different in their times. They recalled stories of their childhood, how they underwent hardships yet enjoyed the journey called life .They had a simple yet rich life, had ample spaces to play, fresh, uncontaminated food to eat and pure air to breathe and they could even boast of uncontaminated or genuine relationships. They found joys in the household chores, planning what to cook with the sole purpose of bringing smiles on the faces of family members and at the same time not compromising on the nutritional value of the food. Cooking and cleaning held an important place. And evenings were spent gossiping at leisure with women in the neighborhood. Celebrations meant family gatherings and were minus the selfies, pomp and galore of today. They looked beautiful in their rich saris and flowers unlike the painted faces of today.Mom pointed out that women of  their generation were not in competition with men. They knew their roles,enjoyed every bit of it and breezed through life unlike today's generation who are in the fast forward mode, want to do everything but in the process, end up stressed out and run low on energy, which in turn leads to an unhappy family life.

Grandmom was of the view that Gods plan had been the right plan, he had assigned women with the responsibilities of the house.She, whom he had equipped with a golden heart was responsible for the well-being of the family while the man was meant to be the breadwinner. They were both assigned with equally important tasks.  

Even though I defied grandmas and moms words and spoke in favour of todays working woman who shoulders the herculean task of managing both home and a career, someplace deep inside, something kept bothering me.

 A million questions ran through my mind.Are we woman really happy undertaking the burden of both home as well as office or would we be happy doing what our mothers and grandmothers did? I really have no answer to that.Can I confidently boast stories of my era to my grandkids the way my grandma and mom do? When I look back at the times when I was a child, I remember not a single moment when I have needed mom and mom wasn't around. I do not remember mom saying she was too tired to cook and then ordering food from outside.Infact not a single day have I yearned for outside food because mom cooked such tasty food and moreover served it with oodles of love. Will my children have similar memories? When was the last family gathering we had been to, I fail to recall. That's when I realized that somewhere down the line, women have gained Independence and everything that they have ever craved for, but at what cost? Sure everything in life comes with a pricetag.

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