Searching for Santa.. 
|   Dec 25, 2016
Searching for Santa.. 

SEARCHING FOR SANTA..  I took my little guy,my son all of 4,to a mall which was decorated with all the Christmas works; lights, Christmas tree, snow, Santa and reindeer. I could see his eyes wandering around, searching for someone or something. I immediately realized whom those little eyes which reflected hope were searching for. After the first few minutes,the little one asked "Momma, where is Santa? " I quickly showed him the huge plastic Santa lifelessly standing in the midst of the mall. "No momma, I want the real Santa. " pat came the reply.

" Why, isn't he good enough? " I asked. "No mom, I want the real Santa. The one who will keep gifts under my pillow. I want to tell him not to give me a truck this time as I already have one. " he explained, with a serious look on his face. Poor fellow, did not want Santa to make any mistakes. After all the 'gifting business' is serious business in case of kids. No scope for mistakes. Just then as if from' Nowhereland ' Santa appeared. But wait a minute, was this Santa for real. He was too thin. The Santa suit hung on him. Maybe Mr Santa was on a diet. The beard was only a thin line on his face. He looked more like a Christmas joke. He looked more like the Santa from 'Santa and Bunta'..  " Mom, how come Santa is not as cute as he looks in the books? "my little guy whispered. 

" Maybe he has had a long tiring day. "I replied. Pooh!!! What a lame reply.  My son who had been passionately searching for Santa stayed away from this Santa for the rest of the time. There went all the Christmas magic into drain. 

That night he did not even bother to check under his pillow. 

The determined mother that I am, I took him to yet another mall the next day ( y only malls? Because it sports the Christmas spirit in the right sense). This time I hit the jackpot. My son squealed with delight. Sitting on a reindeer was a plump cute little Santa with a dozen kids around him. This time, my son ran to Santa without any hesitation and joined the kiddo gang. I stood behind, not wanting to spoil the moment as my child interacted with Santa. The excitement and joy in those little eyes spelt 'CHRISTMAS'' to me. At that moment I relived my childhood through the eyes of my little guy. 

That night my boy checked under his pillow and discovered the toy that I had planted for him,. He squealed with delight ' Mom it's a plane and yes it has lights too. Santa heard me right. Thank you Santa.'

Mission accomplished!!!

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