It’s a Date with My Daddy This Sunday!
It’s a Date with My Daddy This Sunday!

My daughter is her daddy's princess, but at 4.5 years of age, her universe still very much revolves around her mother.Though my husband and I know that this is too a phase that shall pass as she matures, deep down in his heart, he craves for the exclusive daddy - daughter time. As a father, he wants to be the special man in his daughter’s growing years, before she flies away the nest for better prospects or he gives away her hand to another man (too many years to go by yet, but daughters grow up fast!). 

To encourage our little one to bond deeper with him, my husband now plans a Sunday date with her. He knows that he doesn’t need a specific day of the week to show his love for our daughter, but an exclusive date with papa sounds so much fun and exciting for her. The cherry on the cake is that Sunday is her ‘Chocolate Day’ too. So, it’s the double dose of fun for her!

We have set two rules to ensure a perfect Sunday date.

Rule # 1: Mommy, please stay away. You can visit a spa, read a book or catch up on your sleep.

Rule # 2: Daddy, always keep your date. In case you fail to, be ready with a plan B to please your sweetie pie.

Now, the date part.

Lunch + Movie + Shopping = My Date Rocks!

Unlike me, my kiddo simply loves to eat out, a trait inherited from her foodie father.  The father -daughter duo spend one Sunday afternoon in the month, exploring culinary delicacies in the city, followed by watching a Bollywood movie. Of course, we make sure that the movie is a light hearted comedy, sans any inappropriate visuals.  If not the movie, then they head to a mall or a play centre. And the day ends with every girl’s favourite past time – shopping.  But there is a condition attached to it, she should shop for something useful and less than 50 bucks.  Perhaps a pencil box, a crayon set or a hair band. When she returns home, she is full of stories about her rocking date to tell her mamma!

Can I Buy Books Please?

I am so happy that my daughter shares my love for books. But she doesn’t like that I order her books online. So, come Sunday, and she prefers to head to a bookstore with her father. She gets lost there for 1-2 hours, browsing through the shelves and flipping through the books. If she gets her say, she would bring a bag full of books back home, but we restrict it to 1-2 books for every visit. She is not allowed to buy the new set, until she finishes reading the first lot.

A Grocery Shopping Date? No Kidding!

My daughter doesn’t usually say no to a supermarket visit. Like any other kid of her age, she loves to either hop onto the shopping trolley or grab the toy shopping cart to carry her personal stuff. My husband adds a tiny twist to their grocery shopping date by playing a memory game with her. He challenges her to memorize at least 5 things on his shopping list. If she remembers them all, she gets treated to an ice cream or a donut.

The Kitchen Antics

I dread my husband’s Sunday experiments in the kitchen. Thanks for Sanjeev Kapoor’s video tutorials, he churns out near perfect dishes, but not before leaving behind a mess for me to clean up. Our daughter is giving him the company these days, doing odd chores like washing the vegetables, handing him over ingredients from the shelves or laying the table. Hmmm…not that I am complaining. I don’t mind a break from my kitchen duties occasionally.

Swachh Home Abhiyan

This is my favourite part of their date. On the last Sunday of every month, both daddy and munchkin together, tidy up the rooms, ensuring every corner looks spic and span. After all their hard work, the mommy rewards them with a scrumptious lunch.

All dads out there, how about going on a Sunday date with your dearest little girls?

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