She lives in a Happy-Go-Lucky Arty Crafty World
|   Aug 31, 2015
She lives in a Happy-Go-Lucky Arty Crafty World

At the age of 5 years, my daughter shows a keen interest in everything related to art & craft. Whether it is making a caterpillar from an empty egg carton, experimenting with henna designs on my hand or painting some abstract art in her drawing book, she loves to showcase her artistic streak. 


I find it really strange that she is such a creative person. Because neither I, nor my husband or anyone else in our family are! Glue, glitters, crayons, paintbrush, water colours, bindis, beads, rangoli colours – give her any craft supply and she is one happy child. She even talks about becoming an art & craft teacher in future!


Initially, I thought it’s very natural for the children of her age to be creative and have fun doing such things. However, lately, I have realized that she is really passionate about what she does.  She can spend hours doing art & craft projects. Her desire to create something new and the way she puts her soul into her creations, no matter how small or big, surprise me. It has made me think that I should give a sense of purpose and direction to her creative expressions.  An early start, what we call. So that, she can explore her talent within and pursue her career as an artist, if that is what she wants to be.


During our childhood days, our parents were more academically oriented – how good an engineer or a doctor their child would be. But, thankfully, today’s parents are broad-minded and ready to accept their child’s unconventional career choices. Moreover, our children have the advantage of several knowledge resources to give wings to their dreams. There are dedicated regular classes, holiday camps and online tutorials to learn from and sharpen skills in any subject of interest. So, why not explore these resources to transform your child’s big dreams into reality?


So far, I have been relying solely on secondary resources to find art & craft ideas for my daughter. But, now I have decided to search for a mentor, who could guide her to be innovative and bring out her potential.  A mentor can give her an early start to her dream career.


Chances are that she might want to change her career when she grows up. Never mind. I just wish that she finds happiness in what she does. The artistic skills that she learns in her childhood years will not go futile.  Her creative expressions will find their way someday!



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