Lousy Monday or Lousy us ??
|   May 16, 2016
Lousy Monday or Lousy us ??

There are certain nights ,when  no matter how hard you try ,you don't  get sleep.Oh its not insomnia or for that matter any lovelorn dysfunctionality .its plain aftermath that you have been sleeping out of your capacity during the same day !!! it was like someone asked you to be on TV show and showcase "how lazy can you be "? Damn these Sundays!!! logically speaking you have to sleep because as the Sunday ends you will confront the "Monday " morning very soon .Even though you are dreading the thought with every passing second ,dreading won't help mate !! many quotidian tasks to accomplish ,starting with  picking out a dress color that suits your languid mood ,and then more routine , get ready , dress up ,walk down your street ,reach your office,show up and then work for n hours ,some days when you are ichy just reaching your seat can be a huge milestone,forget about the whole grilling and the work that follows .Some more blah blah on occasions behaving amicable even to people you don't like much ,displaying a sound state of mind ,fighting your inner demons .dinner ,sleep ,waking up again and follows the routine again .All this goes on in a while loop till (day != Friday ) Do pardon my incondite programming  jargon .And phew..There you have survived another week !! 

Now comes the Friday morning .Any person working in It sector or whichever sector you work in would back me up here ,we wait for Fridays like our life depends on it .And why only working people even stay at home moms would feel the same way as with their husbands they also have to follow the regime from Monday to Friday .In those two weekend days that is mathematically only 35% of the whole week .We dream ,we fly and we truly believe that all pain would ease ,all happiness will be achieved ,all that we are missing in life will be experienced and all that we earn will be recklessly spent .

Well as a child i don't recall giving such humongous attention to any specific day of the week ,yeah yeah Sundays did have their perks and Mondays did have some blues .but most of the days were simply fun days .We were silly and ignorant .we had our homework to be done and then there were 6 '0 clocks cartoon shows , our world was indulged in cricket ,football story  books and crayons and there were very important sibling battles to be won .Life was way too important to dwell over what day of week it is .Only feeble grudge we ever had with weekday was :"Why do we have to wear this uniform today ?" whatever happened to that carefree ,falling at places ,full of naive questions ,super cute child in us ! i suppose the fault is not in us .As we have grown up so have these days in their extent to comfort us .

Anyways now that you have managed to read the length of my talk you might be thinking what is the big deal anyway ! it actually isn't .Mondays will keep coming and we will keep loathing them but why not for once out of curiosity or a whim surprise Monday itself and embrace it with open arms ! My inner body cells clamoring WHAT !!!! i mean how bad can it be lets just make and effort and put on our childhood times smile and get on with the day !!

I promise Friday wont be jealous !!!!

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