Thank Tank!
|   Jun 24, 2016
Thank Tank!

Saying ‘Thank you’ is a habit of mine, err… almost second nature, to the extent that I often end up irking my acquaintances (Read: very often , the husband) with my ‘affinity for expressing gratitude’. But it has also been something so deeply ingrained in me by my parents, that ‘Thanks’ giving is a part of my internal wiring. It was only recently that I started observing the many ‘reactions’ to my courteousness – ranging from ‘practised welcomes’ to ‘broad smiles’ to ‘amused smirks’ to ‘sheer shock’. This was part of my unofficial social experiment to decode the Indian psyche (Ah.. how I love jargon!!) that has ALMOST brought me to a conclusion that as much as a value based society we are, we aren’t exactly comfortable with saying ‘Thank you’ and receiving it…

And now to the context of it all - Yesterday evening I felt the need to indulge in some MKBT (Read: Mommy-Kids-Bonding-Time), which meant a visit to the nearby saloon with the two brats for their much needed, much delayed haircuts. An empty saloon and enthused staff was the best combination I could ask for and before long the tresses (and the corresponding ‘chunks of hair for the boy’) had given way to a ‘Dora cut’ and a ‘ Supero hero cut’ (Well! That’s how R, my son, named them and I am yet to validate the etymology). We were into the last phase of blow-driving (again, R insists its blow driving and not drying!) when I asked the stylists to ready the bill. As A (the daughter) was done and was finally released from my clutches, she ran to the stylist excitedly muttering ‘Thaaaa vuuuuuuuuuuu’ (That’s her version of the ‘Thank you’ ). To see my little one emulating thy self, I was pleased to say the least… A couple of hours later at home, I was to witness one of the harshest battles between the two, on a toy phone that was supposedly A’s. After a lot of cajoling, sweet talking and reprimanding – the matter was resolved with ‘R’ very diplomatically handing over the toy to his little sister. And amidst the sobs and the cries and the shrieks– I could hear her incoherently piecing a ‘Thaaaa vuuuuuuuuuu’ to her Big B. That was the moment – one of pure joy, when I swelled with all the maternal pride I ever had had – for the lesson learnt had now become the lesson taught!!!

It got me thinking about how while the west devotes a day exclusively for ‘Thanksgiving’, there isn’t an Indian equivalent of that magnitude. And then I realized that maybe we might not need a day – we could just remember to say ‘thank you’ when the autowalah promptly hands over the change, remember to say ‘thank you’ when the pizza delivery boy delivers the stuff while its pouring outside, remember to say ‘Thank you’ when you get the piping hot tea at your desk every single day but MOST IMPORTANTLY remember to say ‘Thank you’ to the almighty for just being hale and hearty today and every day gone by. And hence, the recommendation from my humble social experiment is to develop internal ‘Thank tanks’ that would direct our logical, rational selves to be grateful when we need to be!

How can I go about filling my ‘thank tank’ without thanking you for reading up until here?? So.. Thank you, my dears! Happy Thanks giving and receiving!!!

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