|   May 17, 2016

Thank you for all the love you guys showed for the blog! It has only motivated me more. Much love.

So, last night all I could think of was what should I write about next an experiential piece or a story-based blog?

I am going with the latter.

So once a girl announces she is pregnant or when she delivers, there are a million people who are ready to give her unsolicited advice and/or opinion on how things should be.

I can see all you momsters smile at that. 

Some advice made sense while in some cases... I felt the need to smack the person in the face.

Start the bottle from day 1 if you want a life of your own. Don't do bottles at all, feed with a spoon if need be.

Clean his tongue. No don't do that.

You haven't done a massage with besan yet, just do it. No, don't do that, they don't need it.

What? You gave him a bath from day one! KALYUG. At least, that's what they made it sound like. 

The list is endless.

So the advice conundrum mentioned above seems somewhat legit, but what you are about to read can easily feature in Ripleys Most Bizarre list. If there is one. If Ripley is too tired of lists, trust me, young mums could easily help him out on this.

So, I was feeding Rey and he is one distracted child. So much as a whisper can make him forget all about it. Just when he and I got on the same page, after 30 minutes of yelling, kicking and what not bang opens the door.

What will you eat for dinner? THAT WAS IT! The cutie-patotie that he is turns and smiles at the intruder, Its 2 in the afternoon, I am sure it can wait. I said grinding my teeth

Dont ever do that. If you grind your teeth, Reys wrist will hurt.

WHAT! Are you for real? I rolled my eyes in shock and Rey and I resumed our little game. 

Another really strange one I was told, Dont show Rey the mirror, he will get diarrhoea.

Trust me, If I am told any of this one more time, I will go ballistic. And then, the person better start praying really hard so that they are saved from the barrage. Actually, I doubt that will help either.

Every time I think of the mirror advice, I am in splits. I was not told to follow the advice, it was more an FYI-sort of advice.

 Mom I love you, but whoever told you this was clearly coocoo in the head.

Since I was hearing one weird thing after another, I decided to speak to a few mommies to see if theyve too fake-smiled, rolled their eyes in disbelief or  punched people for giving strange advice.

A mother to a 10-month-old boy, who does not wish to be named, really had me laughing when she told me that her mum said, Dont feed your child in front of anyone, or the quantity of milk will reduce, nazar and all that. Let's remove the nazar. And yes, they removed the so-called evil eye from her breasts. Not kidding.

While some were worrying about the evil eye, others were being warned about turning into a balloon.

Parineeta Seth, a model-actor and mom to a 5-year-old cutie-patotie, Tiara, was told to cover her ears post-delivery, otherwise she would bloat like a balloon.

Yes. And if you don't stop talking my brains will explode just like that balloon.

Anita Khanna, mother to an absolutely adorable girl, blames her daughter Zianne for hair fall. Why you ask? After all, she was told that when her child would begin to laugh, she would lose her hair.

Mommies, make sure your baby does not laugh. Oh! Come on who am I kidding, anything for that toothless laughter. Ok, may be not hair fall.

My childhood bff Pooja Bedi, had a gorgeous little girl, Akira, six months before I had Rey. So she has been my go-to girl for a lot of things, let's just say most things. When I mentioned the stuff I was being told in a conversation between us, what she told me made it to the top three strange things list as well, My help, who was with me for two months, told me not to take my daughters name once the sun sets. WHY? It's bad omen and spirits will hear it, she laughed

Hmmmm... How about I take your name, invite those spirits and send you with them. Far, far away.

Now this next one is gross. That's an understatement really. 

Mother to an eight-month-old  doll, was given a remedy for stretch marks, by a random aunty. God knows we all worry about them and always welcome the advice on how to get rid of them. Take your husband's underwear and rub it on your tummy three times every day at the same time. And tada! No stretch marks.

My jaw fell and I have still not managed to pick it up after what I heard. I don't think I can ever wrap my head around this one. These are the things that scar you.

Being a mom is a full time job, it's fun and can be nerve-wracking too, so let's laugh it out and use these people like our stress busters. There's no point taking them seriously anyway.

If any of you have heard such bizarre stuff, leave a comment. I'd love a few more laughs.

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