Riches barely used
|   Nov 02, 2016
Riches barely used

Kamal’s eyes read a few desires, longings and some beautiful dreams. He was from a poor family and always envied his neighbor Sujay.  Sujay came from a very rich well-to-do family.

Sujay had everything in abundance. He named it and it would be there. There was nothing he had to long or wait for, for, all of his desires and wants were easily fulfilled by his rich and caring parents. On the contrary, Kamal had to live amidst the confinements of life. He wore quite old, untrendy clothes most of the times. He went to a nearby normal school which collected minimal fees and lived in a small house with many siblings. They had almost no toys to play with and only played with each other. Kamal and his siblings sat on the heap of the sand outside their house and played with the sea shells they got from the sand.  This became their recent pastime in holidays and vacation.

Sujay had a room that was full of toys, the walls, ceiling and floor which were painted with several cartoons, a beautiful child bed, lovely colorful pillows of varying shapes and sizes. He went to one of the most expensive schools and was always in his best outfits. He lived in a huge bungalow with his parents. However, Sujay’s family used to get bored of this big bungalow, routine quite often planned to travel, see places and hence stayed out during school holidays and vacation. They also thought that the change of place was good and interesting for Sujay as it would rid him of the boredom from toys, surroundings and routine.

Kamal sat on the heap of the sand on a holiday tossing the shells from one hand to another. He didn’t know where to go, what to play with. He also understood that his parents couldn’t afford any expensive outing even for a day, as they worked hard to make their daily living.

He looked at the big bungalow asked his parents, “They live in that huge house but so less. I wish we could live there at least for some time. I could play with Sujay’s toys he has left in there. Or at least go out like them and have fun. We don’t have any of those.  They have it all but everything’s scarcely used.”

Kamal’s parents were almost in tears and remained silent.



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