Gestational diabetes..and a difficult pregnancy!
|   Apr 22, 2017
Gestational diabetes..and a difficult pregnancy!

Pink is my favourite colour but seeing them on the kit gave me goosebumps my heart was pouncing in excitement and fear..what a unplanned surprise!!My major concern was how dramatically can I announce this to my other half as we had other plans..All mushy and filmy ideas were coming on and off and then..reality striked,

"Apurv..hmm..Apurv ..hmm..look here!!"Those expressions were of a lifetime!Elated he hugged me tight and asked "really" and I sarcastically said "no I just painted these lines".

It was just the day our room had baby pictures and stuffed toys!(He never gifted me one when we were dating or even after marriage).

We decided to see the gynaecologist to confirm our happiness.What followed was series of test and then confirmation.The doctor warned me not to strain myself because as an architect I was always on and off the sites.Despite of all precautions ,one night I bled..we felt our happiness was short lived,doctor after my sonography told me that I had a clot of previous cycle and I was put on complete bed rest so the clot dissolves and doesn't harm the baby!Those progesterone tablets made me dizzy all the day and injections made me feel that I wasn't pregnant but sick!

Hearing my ordeal my mother visited me and we decided to take second opinion,the other doctor said that the rest is must and dosage can be controlled.I had become extremely moody by then and morning sickness was taking over me.My mother had to practically lock her house nearly for nine months to take care of me!Now when I sit and think about that phase I realise why all the girls value their mothers more after becoming one.

However we took a sigh of relief, after a fortnight the clot was gone and was diagnosed with placenta previa.Again ,very restricted movements and morning sickness..I was disgusted.The lack of appetite deliberately led me to rice and potatoes as I had developed a hatred towards chapatis.I was trying hard to eat healthy no junk yet 'parathas and puris' were gradually becoming my weakness.

Before conceiving my weight was normal but this bed rest was rapidly seen on weighing scale.When this placenta prévia problem left me,we decided to a go on a small and much needed vacation, I was almost six months but after having a gala time for a week I had gained 4 kg!!Doctor asked to check for gestational diabetes and I was like "none in my forefathers had diabetes,so how can I"?

The procedure was to drink 100gms of glucose after fasting then take 3 pp one hour after the other.That meant from seven in the morning to 10 I had to just sit and give blood.Trust me, never ever I dreaded so much before exams than I was that day ,searching google and consulting every one I could, but then again as my fate my fasting and third hour pp was normal but the second was high.The doctor gave me a diet plan and asked me to prick my fingers and walk for 45 minutes after every meal.

My breakfast readings were usually high but had normal readings for the next two meals.However I did my best by now eating healthy and walks made me feel energetic ,my doctor was happy to see my determination and I wasn't prescribed any kind medication.But yes,I did have my cheat days as my husband knows all my weaknesses so made sure that I was not deprived of anything and made sure that I would walk extra 15 minutes after a cheat day.But by the end my fingers use to hurt because Ihad to take the reading after each meal.

    We did dine out in my last trimester and made sure that I eat hygienic and healthy.My child was quite active and after every meal or a song I use to get her reactions.For nine months not only I witnessed somersaults but my husband use to talk to my baby about tennis and football..and..she use practice the same in womb!!he was quite sure's a girl and he ordered almost a pink cake on my baby shower!In my last sonography our baby smiled and my husband too smiled .."my princess "he murmured..

    After eight hours of labor and the breech position we had to opt for c-sec, my husband held my hand and we both welcomed our little princess.After seeing her every pain felt worthy!

    After the delivery,diabetes was gone but on doctor's advice I on and off check my sugar levels as I am on a risk.Here is a piece of advice for every pregnant women:

    1.If your doctor/sonography diagnose something serious,always take a second opinion.

    2.We need around 1800 to 2000cal during pregnancy.Make a diet chart accordingly and keep a cheat day too! Never deprive yourself from a craving just work more to compensate.

    3.Those on bed rest,be careful what you eat because ,every pregnancy is different.Plan and eat small meals in every two hours.Always consult your doctor even their is a slight problem.

    4.Avoid too much oil and ghee.Do eat them but in a healthy way.Avoid juice,have fruits and coconut water.Nuts are must along with iron and calcium tables.Try to take them in a natural way.

    5.Drink lots of water to avoid any kind of constipation and dehydration.

    6.If you have morning sickness try to have a biscuit before you leave the bed or sip cold milk.

    7.Dont take stress over anything that will only aggravate your problems.Listen to music..ask your doctor if simple yoga can be done during bed rest like prayanam.First ask and then only do it.

    8.Pamper your self with mild massage.Avoid stomach and lower back.

    9.If you are diagnosed diabetes then walk as much as you can it really helps.I am sharing my diet plan with you:

    Breakfast:Variety of Chilas like moongdal,oats,chickpea,semolina ,Sprouts,semilona idli,Upma,appam and avoid bread (it use to trigger my readings).Buttermilk.Have milk after an hour.

    Afternoon: Nuts and two to three fruits(avoid mangoes,if craving have a piece)

    Lunch :Salads followed by the regular meal but avoid rice.Though on your cheat days you can have half bowl of it along with khadi and rajma.

    Evening:Diabetic protein milk shake and a snack

    Dinner:Soup,curry of your choice and chapatis.

    Drink coconut water in between make sure it's fresh.If you are a vegetarian,then add cottage cheese andsoya chunks /granules.Try to have anything sweet in the evening so that you can compensate it with a walk.Avoid tea andany other beverage.If you are craving for noodles and pasta then add a lot of veggies to it and use less sauce.

    10.Cherish each and every moment girl..your life is never going to be the same!!

    Have a healthy and safe happy always!

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