An open letter to today's parents
|   Apr 16, 2017
An open letter to today's parents

Dear Parents,

I was wondering, how will we explain our children the difference between being merely literate and being civilised? Unfortunately, the benchmark for being educated merely depends on a piece of paper! Hmm...thought provoking! It's indeed debatable because the tools that were once meant for our betterment have created a complex environment, and are being misused because of the confusion they have instilled in young minds. They have opened up a plethora of unwarranted activities and kids these days are exploring them for something more sinister!

For instance, the invent of social media and electronic gadgets, which were meant to break down communication are sadly being used by the youth for suicide tutorials, cyber crime and what not! It gives me goosebumps to mention the recent mishap about this twenty-three year old student committing suicide on live social media, and the video going viral these days! It made me compel to ponder, what has gone wrong with these youngsters..rather us..or our parenting?

Are we really just civilised and using our education and experience to raise such psychopath individuals? Yes, we all are not like this but we do move in a society where we meet such people. We are so busy in competing in the rat race that we are imparting the same to our children!

Even our classrooms are failing to produce real educated and sensible beings, children are slogging to score marks and positions but are terribly failing in the real test called 'life'.

Recently, what I saw in a birthday party shocked me! Where a party is meant to let children enjoy, I was aghast to see parents competing among themselves over kids paper dance!! Not realising what will be the consequences! They were in fact just inculcating competition, grudge, stress and pressure at such a young age, which is bound to push them in a well of depression and drugs. Results of these headstrong competitions are turning them to commit crimes like suicide and murders!

It is such a nuisance to see these young ones on road, not only they drive rash and listen to loud music, they cuss and abuse! Accidents and road rage have become such a common news. Ponder over ...who are they imitating? Probably us! Or where else a drunk sixteen year old driving SUV gifted by his dad killed a man and left the victim bleeding to death? Was he human enough? The victim could've survived, but alas! Is sixteen the age to gift an SUV?! Actually, we all are so busy gifting Prada and Gucci to our children that real gift called "values and time "have taken a back seat! The smart phones are not only turning them smart but over smart, and the reason these crimes are escalating because we the educated are no more civilised!

It's astonishing to see that we the literate are producing just a handful of successful people and the uneducated and under privileged society is surprising us with their thinking and hard work. A rickshaw puller's daughter cleared IIT, an auto driver's son became I.A.S .This is not the end, recently my 19 year-old maid with two kids got widowed, her inlaws not only supported but remarried her as well. On the other hand can you imagine the ordeal of a young mother when her high profile inlaws trapped her two year old after the separation?! Introspect what society are we building and living seems that the under privileged society has become more broad minded and has values more than us ,and we are running after money, power and success and losing our basic morals!

We all are aware of these problems but what's the solution?There is no rule book. Every child is different so is the parent but at least we can initiate by changing ourselves.

1. As a parent make sure we provide healthy environment at home as young minds imbibe what they see. Respect is the key of every relationship and it's mutual.

2.Follow traffic rules, don't drive rash and don't let them drive before age.Don't use foul language on the road.. not too difficult really? For our own betterment it's necessary.

3.Teach them the difference between human being and being human. Show compassionate and be sensitive towards each other.

4. Spend more time with them than gadgets. Educate them with pros and cons of social media.

5.Choose your words wisely even for some one you don't like. Set standards; not only preach but practice.

6.Don't cover your children's fault ,counsel and teach them to introspect.

7.We don't realise that over cheering is also not healthy. Success and failure are all part of growing up, and our children need to go through every emotion because this helps in building their character.

8.Share successful stories of celebrities rising from rags to riches. Let them know the importance of earning. Give them tasks to do. Ask them to do their own chores and then give them pocket money.

9.Teach them to be a good human first, because being one is the best; and rest worldly success will follow.

10.Last but the most important, keep a tab on what they watch on TV, as most of the media houses are selling insensitive content not required for young minds.

These are just the few things that came across my mind. You're welcome to add many more in the comments.

I also believe that our education system needs some major changes since schools and colleges play an instrumental role in building characters of our future.

Someone has rightly said, "Don't educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. So when they grow up,they will know the value of things not the price."

It's a long way and all of us need to unite to give our coming generation a better life and society. Change begins at home ..with start before it's too late!

Riddhima Alok.Agarwal

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