Right Brain Education
|   Jul 10, 2014
Right Brain Education

Did you'll know that 90 percent Brain Development takes place by the age of 6! Also, as most of us would know that human brain is divided into two parts, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. Unfortunately, the education system in India is lopsided when it comes to educating young minds. The education system focuses on developing the left side of the brain whereas currently the right side of the brain develops through experiences that currently get ignored.

In countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China parents pay special attention in the early years of the child to develop their right brain potentials. As per the Japanese, Right Brain has immense potential and if stimulated at the right age, can immensely accelerate the childs learning ability. The left brain is responsible for logical, methodical thought, whereas the right brain is responsible for highly creative, intuitive almost sponge like photographgic memory. Both sides of our brains are designed to function together.

Right Brain Education is also known as education of the heart. It is more than a system, it is a philosophy. It is a way of raising children so that they can tap into and maintain the potential of their amazing right brain and combine it with the power of the left brain. At the heart of the philosphy lies the most important element love.

Scientific studies around the world have shown that majority of the infants between the age group of 1 to 5 years of age are right brain dominant. This dominance shifts gradually to the left brain post 5 years. This suggests that the right hemisphere develops its functions earlier than the left, in humans. This is the phase when the right brain should be stimulated.

However, the lack of opportunities in India, regarding Right Brain stimulation, our young minds are losing out on their formative years. Authentic Right Brain education has just arrived in India. Hopefully the awareness and facilities pertaining right brain education increase, for our children to get the maximum benefit out of the same. 

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