10 tips for spending quality time with your kids
|   Aug 01, 2012
10 tips for spending quality time with your kids

With many more cases of both parents working than ever before, the amount of time parents can dedicate to their children is decreasing by the day. A study shows that fathers spend around eight minutes a day talking to their children, while working mothers spend around 11 minutes. Even home-maker mothers do not talk to their children for more than 30 minutes a day.

But this is not to say that working parents cannot raise happy and successful people.   At the end of the day, it’s how parents perceive and react to a situation that will decide how their children will be affected. With some effort, working parents can easily spend quality time with their children and create strong bonds. RobinAge shows you how

- No matter how busy you are, there is always time for a few hugs. Hugging your children makes them feel special and cared for and this can lift their spirits. Sometimes a hug can be the most effective way to stop their misbehaviour.

- Sitting down with the entire family and listening to your children’s views is very important. Children feel special when they are heard and are allowed to air their thoughts.

- Getting involved in your children’s favourite sports helps both children and parents. For children,

it helps them become confident, physically strong and healthy. It also teaches them how to co-operate with other children. Having their parents join in the sport makes children understand that parents appreciate their interests.

-  Helping with homework also provides a great opportunity for quality time. Whether it’s preparing for a weekly test, checking the school schedule or teaching a few mathematical equations, children love the personal attention and you get to keep up with what they are doing in school.

- Children love to help in chores around the house so make sure you involve them in small jobs and not make them feel like they are adding to your burden. All this helps them understand how hard parents work and creates a sense of respect for all kinds of jobs.

- Spending time together working on a hobby is a great way to bond. Enjoying a hobby needn’t be a lavish exercise. It could be something as simple as playing jigsaw puzzles, solving crosswords or trying to do some artwork together.

- Take your children on nature trips.. Going hiking, walking through a forest trail or just sitting around the campfire telling stories is a great way to appreciate nature and also spend quality time with children.

- Planning vacations or getaways with children is a great way to spend a weekend. Ask them to plan the trip to suit their likes while you oversee their planning. This will make them feel very special.

- Appreciating children’s efforts is very essential. When children are acknowledged for their hard work and the tasks they finish, it motivates them to do more.

- Mealtimes are a great opportunity for the entire family to spend time together, meaningfully.  Try and make eating at least one meal together a strict rule and use that time to catch up on each other’s day.  This gives children a comfortable platform to express their feelings – to tell you if something went wrong or excitedly fill you in on something that went well.


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