Stress-free Shopping With Kids
|   Mar 07, 2015
Stress-free Shopping With Kids

Shopping trips with children can often become a nightmare. Tantrums for favourite toys, food, more attention and other goodies in shops are a common scene. While refusing only increases the tantrums, giving in convinces children that they can get everything by throwing tantrums. Very few places have areas for children to stay in while parents shop, so the best option is to cope with the situation. Here are some ways to do it

Inform children ahead of time where you are going and what you are shopping for. This will give them a sense of involvement right from the start.

Be clear about the rules you expect them to follow. Make sure they know what they can or cannot touch and buy.

Give them tasks so that they feel responsible and aren't easily distracted.

Give them something to look forward to, like an ice cream or a game in the evening.

If children throw tantrums, simply ignore them and finish shopping as quickly as possible.

Once you have both cooled down, explain the situation to them calmly.

If children get very troublesome, take them outside or let them sit somewhere till they have calmed down.

When children behave well, praise them. It will act as motivation.

Choose a time for shopping when children are on a full stomach and well-rested.

Don't cram too many chores on a single shopping trip. This may tire the children and increase their irritability.

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