Do not follow the doctors blindly
|   Sep 20, 2016
Do not follow the doctors blindly

First, I have nothing against doctors or this noble profession. The wonderful doctor who delivered my baby also happened to be a paediatrician, so I knew her for a long time. The way she took care of my baby and me before and after delivery was commendable. I will always be thankful to her.

On the day of our discharge from the hospital, the doctor gave us a list of some baby stuff to be used. A general list that included names of soap, shampoo, cream, lotion, wipes etc.. The brands that we never heard of (as it was the first opportunity to know about baby brands). We, like any other new parents, immediately purchased all the items on the list and started using them. We totally ignored the six months  stock of the most common brand which was brought by my mother.

Two days later, we saw rashes on all over the body of our little angel. When we called the doctor, she said it was because of oil massage and forbided us to give any kind of oil massage to the baby for first six weeks. The elders of our family who have always emphasized on oil massage did not approve this suggestion. So, we agreed on a solution that the body lotion which was given by the doctor shall be used for massage, along with anti- allergic skin powder. For next three months, the rashes came and went and we could not figure out the reason.

After three months, we had to change the city where we could not find some of the prescribed products. So, I started using my mother's stuff. The rashes disappeared within two days. After few days, I applied the old body lotion to finish the little remaining quantity. The rashes appeared again. I was worried and confused and kept on thinking about the reason. Finally, I discovered that the body lotion recommended by the doctor was the culprit.

Doctors prescribe general medicines and brands. We, the mothers, are responsible to identify the special needs of our babies. In my case, I learnt that my baby's skin is extra sensitive and I need to be extremely careful.

People say, a mother knows her baby the best. But she is also a human and to err is human.

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