Its a journey, just move on.. 
|   Apr 17, 2017
Its a journey, just move on.. 

In life we come across situations, where we just loose all hope and courage to correct things and fight situations. We forget about the people who love us, we forget ourselves, but its when we have to hold on and stand strong, laugh it out and fight all along cause things will fall into place, someday, oneday it will, we just have to believe in ourselves. Life is a long journey not for us but for all, everyone faces some hurdles along the way, cuz life is all about that, just moving on. 

Here's a small poem to express it all in short:

Hold hands, and walk together, the path will find the journey you'll embark.Love is what you'll always have, its the trust that is to be built as you walk. 

Never be afraid never be dissappointed, cuz God has his own plans to make you pass.

Roads are never easy, some are plain some very greasy. Hurdles will come and go, its when you cross it with ease that'll make it strong.

Have a smile, laugh it out..when situations pull you down.

You are independent you are brave, You are for real and not fake. In your heart you'll know what you need to acheive and what you long for.

Look around to one who smiles at you and the ones who dont are just grey. Let them be, let them go, dont hold on them for too long as they wont let you grow. 

People come and people go, some stay for life and some are just for show, when you look with love its then you know who's your friend and who's a foe.

Hold yourself up cuz its not the end,  Start from where you left.. Cuz for you i am right here my friend.

- by Akshita Agarwalla

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