The good and bad side 
|   Jan 04, 2017
The good and bad side 

All of us have a good and a bad side which we also call our dark side. But not all are good at expressing both their sides together. Some are just too good and some too dark. People with a balance in both are rarely to be found.   Everyday there are several incidents which push us either to be good and smiling or dark and sad/angry or grumpy. Life teaches us lessons on a daily basis. Living a life with people all the time trying to correct you for small things is a struggle.   Trust me, it gives you a feeling of not being worthy enough, discourages you big time but here’s where the test is. If things like this affect you then you actually lose confidence and let your dark side take the charge. And if you let go and ignore it then its your good soul which helps you stay confident and hold yourself up.   “Staying positive is an art of not being affected by people trying to pull you down.”   We all have good and bad memories and we are also affected by them in some way or the other. People develop trust issues because of some bad incidents and that’s very common, we all hear people saying I can’t trust him or her cause of some reason or some past issue.   Its actually true that the mark that bad incidences in our lives leaves on us, affects our soul deeply which makes our dark side stronger than the good side and that is because in todays world, all the people we know are selfish and self centred. People who matter to us don’t even care about being harsh, sorry is no where to be expected. But the job of the good side of ours is to neglect all negatives and accept of the positives, which isn’t an easy task.

Life is a circle where good things overcome bad incidences at some point of time and the trick is to have patience and wait for karma to take over the responsibility. Because decisions taken at the darkest time of life is always regretted. 

Stay hopeful, stay blessed!!

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