|   Apr 11, 2016

Well, recently my help  was on a much deserved holiday and hence, no blame game to play. I was wondering how would I clean up the house,as I realized it in my dream that she is not going come today.

I woke, and I realized that it is just a dream and went back to sleep..what a relief! In today’s world, more than family, house-helps  do matter. I realized this quite late. As, we live in a joint family, the household chores are taken care by my mother-in-law. And what I do is “Stay out of her way!!!!”

Since my in-laws were also on a much-needed-vacation, I was taking care and was doing a decent job at it. Now, came the situation where the help is not there, and you see your entire apartment as fish market!

Top 5 things that happen automatically when there is no maid

1- If you are a late riser, and believe that sun rises only after 8 A.M.  then, GOOOODDMorning will happen by 6 A.M.  I experienced the pleasant morning which runs away by 8 A.M. in Bangalore. Thanks to Amma I got to feel  the Bangalore morning!

2- You pack off your liabilities (Kids(including hubby in this) and cook) early. You are on your toes to say your Byes so that you have the house to yourself.

3- A nice look around and your mind calculates what to do and not do in seconds. Surprisingly with Amma (house-help) around I am more dis-organised than organised.

4- Your mind is working subconsciously and you make all the necessary calls – which I always tend to forget.  – Is Amma (house – help) making me forgetful ????

5- You feel thankful that Amma is in your life and taken care of the things that you don’t. You appreciate her and when she comes back and sees that smile and excitement on your face, it makes her day!


As humans we tend to take things granted. Be it family, work, money , friends or any other relationship.

As a parent I want to my cupcake to learn how to be thankful.

Top 5 things that she needs to do

·         Address the help by saying Hello or good morning or whatever is appropriate

·         If she wants their help then she needs to say “Please”

·         She needs to say “Thank you” once they help her

·         She needs to call them as Aunty or any other name that is appropriate but NOT BY THEIR REAL NAMES LIKE WE DO

·         Give them presents on special occasions like festivals or birthdays.


With a world moving so fast and people ignoring each other, it is important that the next generation knows how to acknowledge the other person.

The word “Thank you” needs to be taught, so that they acknowledge how other people are making their lives easy. 

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