My daughter, my inspiration - A tale of the rising sun and innocence
|   Apr 04, 2016
My daughter, my inspiration - A tale of the rising sun and innocence

Well, this happened just today when I was walking my daughter to school this morning. After packing her bags, helping her to get ready (I think all the moms out there would agree with me how big a task is to make children get ready for school), we both were finally ready to go out. Since she goes to a nearby play school which is approximately 10 minutes walking distance from our house, I generally carry her on my lap. But today, it was special…my three year old daughter offered to walk till her school holding her mom’s hand! When we reached near the school gate, I kissed her and told her. Thank you dear for walking today.” Snap came the reply in a matter of fact way, “Yes, because you have a back pain.” I was speechless. I was surprised to hear such words coming from a three year old. I just planted yet another kiss on her cheek while holding back my tears of joy and said, “I am proud of you, my little friend.”

It so happened that yesterday we took her to my dentist friend for the treatment of her cavities. Nothing new for a toddler to visit the dentist given her chocolate eating habits. But, yesterday, during our conversation, the dentist said something which got etched in my little girl’s memory without me knowing. She chatted happily with my daughter advising her not to have chocolates and to stop having mama’s milk during bedtime (yes, I am still breastfeeding my daughter at bedtime even if it is for few minutes) as it is also a contributing factor to the cavities though she brushes her teeth twice daily. I noticed she was explaining all these to her in as simpler way it is possible to talk to a toddler. In the end there was an advice for me as well – that I should continue taking my calcium tablets to prevent the early onset of osteoporosis given my back pain problem. Oops, did I just hear the alarm bell screaming for my attention that I have been so far ignoring?! I was shaken off from my reverie by my daughter, “Cholo mamma, let’s go home.” I came back, got busy tending to the pending domestic chores and forgot about the whole matter until today morning when she told me such caring words. I have never felt so wanted and loved before as I was not a mom before!

Her words urged me to get up from my slumber and do something good about myself – taking care of my health and being a happy mom. Not that I was unhappy before but I hardly put myself in the ‘list of things’. I realised I should not take myself for granted. I have to be physically fit and mentally strong for her. I want to lead by example. I don’t want her to grow up thinking that her mom is not strong. Let’s face it, domestic chores and the myriad so called ‘expected’ duties and responsibilities of a home-maker often drains out all your energy so much so that no amount of Glucon D would help to replenish yourself! Sometimes, it is just okay to ditch monotony and be yourself, in some way.


Henceforth, here I come, life

To soak in some carefree pleasures,

To see the morning sun and the innocent face of my child,

Both urging me to break the rules and relive childhood once again…

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