|   Dec 11, 2015

The way to reach out to our kids.
Someway or other, we all hyper-focus our attention towards our kids on their behaviours and try to discipline them to get them confirm to our wishes.
To me, a big NO. Let’s discuss.
What exactly the meaning of parenting. I still try to find is it actually about raising a child or raising a parent. Before putting our children to discipline, the inner question is here : Are we self-disciplined ? How funny it is to teach our child on tobacco abuses chewing a paan or keeping a cigarette packet in pocket.
Each & every child is gifted, has own uniqueness, believe me. And the success is in raising them to be in their inner self, not in forcing them into a mould we have designed for them.
Let me brave you all parents, we have a tendency to treat our children as our possessions. Admit it. Our understaplings, better grades and achievements or fear to be a girl in a patriarchal society. And the TZP movie child cries with a background tone,’give me some sunshine-give me some ray’. We are only & only teaching them to depend upon their external indicators of success as their identity- the beauty culture, the flashy wealth or a career shortcut. The kids have turned to investment policies, when their net worth increases, the world is golden, but when the indicators down, the child is non-existent, no where.

Most parents may contradict me who believe in solving the problem, the child. What I believe parenting is nothing to do with raising the child, its all about raising a parent instead. The blessing, our clone, our DNA. Let’s  hear once what its eyes say, not its voice. What they need from us is our CONNECTION with them, not CORRECTION.

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