Joint family or giant family 😎
|   May 25, 2017
Joint family or giant family 😎

Gautmi,who is 48 now, is finally getting​ mental relief as she stopped thinking about her so called joint family and dominating relatives.

She was very excited to get marry in a joint family as she was staying in a joint family from her childhood and very much aware about the benefits and loss of it. She love the crowd of joint family, she used to be happy and comfortable with her cousins, Uncle-auntie, Dada-dadi. It was like a blessing for her and she was expecting the same for her own home that is called "sasural".

She was just 17 at the time of her marriage and she didn't oppose for it because she was very obidient child and moreover she started liking"Abhinav" (her husband) after first meeting only.

Finally the most awaited day came and Gautmi got married. Her mother didn't give any suggestions like other moms of the world as she knows that her daughter is very obidient and understood the concept of joint family.Gautmi left the home of her parents and reached to her dream world.

Initial few days were just like a beautiful dream, she got a big joint family of 15 people. Her jethani's and sister in law were supportive, they cook the food and finish the other work together, same scenario she has seen in her Mayka.  But she was not aware that it's just like "Char din ki Chandni", Days passed away and very soon she realised that things are not going in right direction. She was the new daughter- in-law so it was obvious that she had to fulfill each and every expectations of the family . After few months her husband's brothers and their families shifted to some other cities. Abhinav was working at the same city so they continue there,Now she was liable for everything and her beautiful dream converted in worst nightmare. Her sasu maa came in her real character and started harras her mently.  It's been 5 yrs and Gautmi was now mother of 2 childrens but situation was still same.. Although Abhinav was very caring for her but not supportive. He always blame Gautmi when she told about the bad behaviour of her in-laws. Whenever her jethani's  came in summer vacation they stayed for a week at sasural and then go to their mayka for a month but she was not allowed to go, her sasu maa said "are bechari itne Dino baad aayi hai ab kya yaha bhi Aram na kre,tum abhi yai Raho,Inko banao khilao,inki sewa Karo. ye jab mayke se vapas aakar apne apne jagah par chli jayengi uske baad hfte bhar ke liye ho ana apne mayke,tum to yai rhti ho kabhi bhi ja sakti ho"

She was very disappointed but somehow she managed  but still torture was going on. She had to cooked the breakfast, lunch and dinner alone for 17 people now and her jethani's never used to help her because they came to enjoy the vacation but what about her vacation. She got tired everyday with that hectic routine and if she asked for rest ,her sasu maa and Abhinav says" 10 din ke liye to aye hai ab kya usme bhi banaye khilaye, inke aate hi tum bimar ho jati ho".  She was shocked after listening this statement but it was not new for her. Everyone enjoyed the vacation and back to their place but Gautmi couldn't go to her mayka because her son started for school and she need to take care for him.

But no one was there to take care for her and she was going through depression now she is 48 yrs old and not able to manage the domestic chores alone at this age like before but still everyone was having the same expectations. Gautmi who has given her 25 years to that family with full energy and dedication now that family was having only complaints for her instead of love and care what she deserve now but it's enough . Gautmi understood this bitter truth that she can't make everyone happy  and took a decision to stop thinking about all this thing and now she doesn't try to hold the relations at the cost of her health and happiness. She doesn't try to give justification for being right and gave a mental piece to herself which she really deserve at this time. Sometime it's good to let the situation and relation go on in their way.

"Be selective with your battle, sometime peace is more important than being right"

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