Dealing with pre-teen tantrums - advice from a 10 year old
|   Feb 15, 2016
Dealing with pre-teen tantrums - advice from a 10 year old

A 10 year-old’s advice to a mother of a 9 year old.

A friend of mine was facing problems with her growing son. All of 9 years old, the child had just found his voice and expressed his opinions very strongly. His rapport with his mother was dwindling and she just didn’t know what to do. I shared this with my 10 year old son, Abhimanyu. He dictated the following 11 points to me:

1. Begin by pointing out all the things that are good about your son
2. Talk to his dad and make a plan. Tell Papa not to insult Mumma in front of kids because Mumma feels bad. Your son also copies and insults Mumma.
3. Forget all the bad things about your son and begin afresh
4. Become his best friend
5. Take him to his favourite places…just you and him…have lots of fun. This way he will forget all the insults he has copied from his dad and he will realise his Mumma is not so bad after all.
6. Don’t forget to love him and his sibling the most.
7. Ask your children their hobbies. Find a common hobby and you also participate in that hobby.
8. Tell him lots of jokes and ask lots of riddles
9. Don’t let him know that you are doing this for him. Never let him know how much trouble you are taking for him.
10. For each of his achievement complete one wish
11. Follow all these points and you and your children will be friends in no time.

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