Who says Boys & Girls are equal ??
|   Jun 24, 2016
Who says Boys & Girls are equal ??

The gender battle always attract huge debates, synthesis and analysis. In the process of proving that one is better than the other.. we have completely forgotten the existence of the differences we have.

Well, I don't believe girls & boys or men & women are equal. They are not and let's accept this !!

God created a Man and a Woman, if they were to be equal or same what was the need to create two different entities. He could have very well created two men or two women. 

Providing equal opportunities is a different thing that is what is gender equality. But we can't measure the potential of a girl and a boy on a same scale.

We are designed to be different, programmed differently. How can one expect an orange tree to grow apples even if same amount of water, manure and sunlight is provided to both the trees. 

They should produce healthy fruit that's being fair to them & that is what we need to understand.

There is a difference between being same or equal. We can compare same things to be equal. For example, An apple is same as apple. But two apples can be of equal weight or different. We can't simply judge if an Apple is equal to an orange. 

If we want to judge them we can do so on a broader level by ignoring their individual identity and treating them as fruit.Similarly for men and women. You can compare them as humans (qualities like humanity, kindness,etc) but not as a man v/s woman.

If God gave each gender their individual characteristics why ignore those and treat ourselves as equal. 

I believe there are few things we as women do better than men and similarly there would be few things they can do better than us. When each gender knows what their roles and responsibilities are, there is lesser confusion and chaos. For ex in older times women used to stay at home take care of house and children and men used to earn living. But now, since both men and women are working.. the ego clashes, distribution of responsibility is leading to major confusions and quarrel thus such a high rate of divorce in urban cities.

Being a working woman with a technical education, I have nothing against working women it's just that I believe we could function more easily and cooperatively as a society if we except our differences and feel proud of who we are.

And this is what we need to teach our children. To celebrate their individuality. To celebrate who they are rather than to outperform and prove they are better than the other gender class.

There are scientific findings which suggests that men are good with numbers and 3D placement while women are good with arts, an eye for details. So it's OK if your son becomes an astrological engineer and your daughter becomes a chef or your son is more inclined towards sports and your daughter towards studies. Just don't coax them and compare them to perform equally coz then that's being unfair.. being gender biased.. expecting one to be what they are not.

Relish your child's aspirations.. give them all they need.. let them be what they want to be and not what you or society wants them to be.

In this gender game don't loose your child's individuality.. let them flourish and shine in their own righteous space.

Men and women have roles - their roles might be different but their rights are equal !! This is gender equality. Period.

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