Balancing my w(eight)ay to school!!
|   Dec 08, 2015
Balancing my w(eight)ay to school!!

The newspapers, these days, seem to be pouring with articles about the school bag burden. The rules passed, the actions taken, the precautions needed…..

Being a teacher myself and not to mention a mother to an 8 year old primary child, I also consider this to be the most important aspect of schooling. The heavy baggage that the children carry is a serious concern for every parent. But the majority of the things the children need to carry seem to be unavoidable. With this being an issue it’s becoming impossible to lessen the burden on the child’s shoulder. The parents and the school both need to work towards this collectively to avoid / reduce this burden.

· Not every school is technologically equipped to have the textbooks on flash drives. Instead, printed sheets of the lessons / chapters can be given out at the time of teaching (one at a time) No need to carry textbooks at all (Not to mention that every year for the SSC board the books for both the terms have been different. This year though the entire syllabus is combined in one book. It is definitely going to be heavy)

· The water tap should be the most hygienic place, with disposable cups/glasses and an attendant around if possible. This ensures no Water bottle.

· The school should have a weekly / monthly plan wherein the parents know when and what material needs to be sent. The activity should also take place exactly as planned.  No extra material to be carried and whenever materials are called for the activity gets carried out.

· Every class should be equipped with reference books, dictionaries etc. No dictionaries / encyclopedias need to be carried.  

· Space being a major constraint, locker system may not work. Instead having special rooms for subjects needing more material, wherein all the material is stacked in cupboards and given out in the class, during the period. Materials such as books, colours, scissors, adhesives etc. This not only ensures that the weight in school bag is reduced but also that the child will never misses out on activities.  

· With higher classes having higher floors the children should be allowed the lift facility, with an attendant around.  

· Avoid giving fancy compass boxes. (There are definitely better ways to pamper our kids than increasing their burdens with heavy, big sized compass boxes.) No fancy compass, no water bottle is definitely going to reduce the weight.

It is time we all parents and teachers take this issue very seriously and save our kids from lifelong ailments.

Let us all start from our own houses, with our own kids.

Let us give our kids a stress-free, weight-free and burden-free childhood!



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