Ready to Go "Back -To - School"
|   Jun 06, 2017
Ready to Go "Back -To - School"

As summer comes to an end, it can be hard to get back into a regular schedule, for both kids and adults. Here are a few tips to make the transit easier.

Speak about the school:

Start speaking about the reopening of the school a month before or at least 15 days before. Tell them often about the school particularly if they are about to join a  new school. Talk about the new classes, the new subjects that they are going to learn.Countdown calendars are very useful for this. As they count the leftover days, they mentally prepare themselves to go back to school.

Speak to them about meeting with friends after a break. Tell them they will see their old friends and may also make new friends. Refresh their positive memories about the previous years.

Shop for school supplies together:

Take them for the ‘back to school’ shopping. Let them choose their favorite bags, lunch box, water bottle, pencil boxes etc. It will excite them about their ‘back to school’ experience.

Ease into school friendly schedule:

If your child has been staying up late all summer, have them start practicing going to bed and getting up earlier at least a week before school starts. It will help them adjust to the school schedule easily.

Cut down on the first morning fuss by Preparing things the night before. Help them pack their bags and keep their uniforms, school badge, belt, ID Card etc ready the night before.

For first time schoolers:

I still remember the first day I dropped ‘sh1’ at his school. He was screaming and I cried silently. It is a very emotional thing. Up to that time, the little one’s world revolves around us. Suddenly they get exposed to the world other than their family. It is a frightening moment. Although there are exceptions, we should prepare ourselves and the little minds, as the first few day (sometimes months) could be emotionally taxing for both the parent and the child. But this ‘let go’ is essential for teaching them how to survive in this wild world. Parents of toddlers starting school should mentally prepare themselves for this separation.

Some more points to be taken note of are:

  • Discuss with your kid what they can expect on their first day of school to prepare them. Some schools start the classes for older students first. In that case take your little ones to the bus stops, school gates and let them watch the other students get into the bus, school. Tell them that is how he/she will be going to school in few days.
  • The first day at school books may help them figure out how it will be at school
  • If they going to be at school for lunch then start serving their lunch in their lunch boxes for few days before the school reopens. Let them open their boxes and eat their lunch by themselves and the close the box. It will be a great help for them at school.
  • Train them well for removing and tying up their school uniform shorts/pants for restroom purposes. 
  • while playing teach them how to say their name, parent’s name, home address, emergency contact no., school name, their class etc.
  • Discuss with them what you will be doing when your child is in school. Reassure them that you have plenty to keep you busy and that you will look forward to seeing her/him when school is over.
  • If any one of your neighbor’s children are going to the same school then let them play together and become friends. So that she/he will see at least one familiar person on their first day of school.
  • Teach them how to follow instructions at home. Encourage them to share. Tell them how to politely wish other students and how to make friends. This will help them a lot.
  • Discuss the daily events that happened at school. And ask about their next day schedule. (Like “Oh your friend was crying today? What are you going to  do about that tomorrow?”) That will help to prepare your child for the next day

For Parents:

  •  Make sure you got all the things necessary for the school. ( uniforms, shoes, socks, bags, lunch bags, lunch boxes, water bottle, pencil box and other supplies)
  • Write down the first-week breakfast and lunch menu and shop for the ingredients on the weekend.
  • Cut the vegetables the previous night this will be helpful during the morning preparation.
  • Iron the week’s uniform sets and keep ready the essential things well before this will reduce the morning tension.
  • If you are going to pick up or drop your kids to school, make sure your vehicles are in good condition with enough fuel.
  • If they are going to commute by the private van/Auto then give a reminder message or a Call to the concerned person.
  • For a few days (Say for the first week) be ready to receive a call to pick up your kids at any time (Happened to me in the first week). If you will be at your workplace then be sure to make alternative arrangements.

 Have a Happy Back to School Experience.


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