Second Childhood
|   Feb 24, 2016
Second Childhood


Last weekend, I had been to a park close to my house with my daughter. While I was chasing my daughter, suddenly saw an old man. He was engrossed in his mobile, seemed like he was watching picture on his mobile, but then he looked a little confused, I just approached him and asked if there is any problem and I could help him. He smiled at me and said… no dear I am just waiting for a call from my son.

    Just then, he got a call and after the call, he just looked at me and said that his son had just called him. That sight was unforgettable, he seemed very happy, I felt that he wanted to share so many things with me.

By then, his wife just came to him and asked him to leave, and its time for his medicine. The old man didn’t want to go home, and wanted to have some street food, and his wife started making fun of him, you don’t have any tooth left, why do you act like a kid ? lets go home and have Ganji Saru(porridge soup).

Yes, it just made me realize that he was going through his Second childhood.

In our childhood, we desire for love and affection from our parents, we mess up at home and make so much of noise and our parents shower all that love and care. They struggle for our well being, work hard and earn money to give us good education, plan for their children’s future and invest for our future also.

But now that we all are Educated, Well settled, Many of them are away from parents for some genuine reasons, and we are not here with our parents during their second childhood, when they really need us the most.

We buy all new expensive gadgets from the market, and gift it to our parents, but our parents don’t need any fancy gadgets or accessories. Instead, encourage them to join yoga or meditation class, gardening, painting, music, meeting old friends or any hobby of their interest, this will make them active and keep them engaged.

Also spending time with grandchildren and sharing old memories and adventures makes them happier.

And if you are away from our parents its only one call, one minute of our day’s time that can put a smile on their face and it might just make their day.

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