Boys don't cry, they weep, but only silently !
|   Jul 24, 2017
Boys don't cry, they weep, but only silently !

Men are just physically strong not emotionally whereas a women's character is so bold that she can endure the worst kind of pain and still be crazy happy about it. A mother can take in all your negativity and still love you whereas a father cannot accept all your mistakes at once. Men on the other hand cannot think very deep when it comes to emotions but they do have that soft corner inside them. Men at the end of the day always need that motherly affection from their mother or their better halves whereas a women is strong enough to play varied roles with a strong heart, ready to take in every pain and ready to face any situation being a mother, being a wife and being a lady. As I grow older I have realized that men are much more sensitive than women. And contrary to popular beliefs, men are easily disillusioned in love, women have relatively more hopeful hearts. The problems that men face are belittled from the childhood; school bullying is often not taken seriously and no one ever educates men against sexual abuse. Everyone tells them that men don't cry and it's absolutely pathetic to show your emotions and be vulnerable around people. They are always told that playing with girly stuff or having too much empathy can land them in trouble. So they grow up to be the kind of men, one needs to avoid. The kind that you often meet on treks, or in bookstores hounding the shelves where they keep books like 'how to speak to a woman', or 'how to create intimacy in a relationship', or the ones that we meet in arranged wedding kinds of setups, the ones that are very convinced that life must have no meaning. All these Dostoevskys with tough histories of having had to go to war, or to prison, or jobs on which their whole family depends. More men commit suicide every year than women. Their struggles are different from women, but a history of social/cultural privilege does not necessarily mean more emotional/mental privilege.  Women are capable of loving despite disappointment because their breaking points are unbelievable, but men are easily shied when once beaten. If you do not trust me on this, look at a man petting a dog, and you will know. Communication is remarkably different between men and between women in both friendships and family, which can have unimaginable consequences. How can the gap between two genders be ever reduced, if both are not understood equally? Conversation. That's the primary thing to be done. We do not encourage boys and girls to talk to each other. That's just so stupid. 

I honestly believe that if we bridge this communication gap, both genders can see through their vulnerabilities and develop respect and love for each other !

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