Love - A brutal master but a gentle teacher !
|   Jul 31, 2017
Love - A brutal master but a gentle teacher !

Clearly, there is no universal consensus about what stirs people. Indeed, it is hard to articulate exactly what is so special about an encounter or why a particular person continues to attract you from time to time. This experience remains intensely personal, elusive, and mysterious, like love itself. Over the years I have realised that no one really falls in love with anyone for their art.I know how those boys with their acoustic guitars are romanticized to appear like the quintessential ladies-men and the girls who have writing skills have men smitten over them because they reek of vulnerability and pain, but the reality is, if you ever fall for them, it is for their naive, the pain that they project or for what they pour in when they write. Maybe because they are extremely creative at wit, or they are a good competition at panipuri eating or they are an expert at deep meaningful short-talks. You might stack one criteria over the other and slyly shield yourself from love with the excuse of all the desirable dating eligibilities but in the end, you will end up falling for that friend in your circle who doesn't find that daily soap funny or someone you met over the Internet who merely shares your taste of movies or someone with whom you will realize you are happy for some incomprehensible mysterious reasons.

Love cannot be reduced to fit inside your ability to reason or turned into a specimen for your analysis and confusion. Or some volley of questions and answers. Even not a timely well thought decision.

There is no art which could justify the greater art that is love itself. Music and poetry can surely immortalize love, but for sure, never mark the birth of it. 

Love in itself is a complex and endearing experience. Most people have love stories that aren’t exactly this dramatic- held between life and death or once-in-a-lifetime kinds, but I for sure believe that every love that comes in your life plays a much more meaningful role than you often give it credit for. 

Sometimes it teaches you what those lyrics mean in a song, sometimes it teaches you about science and stars, sometimes it even teaches you about how and where to get that high quality weed and how to roll those perfect joints. Other times, it teaches you about patience, grit and determination, or many a times it teaches you to simply love others as you love yourself and your life and live like this is the only time you would be alive !

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