Shades of Life
|   Jul 18, 2016
Shades of Life

 Color Bands

Life is Colorful......

Yes Life is full of colors, Colors have their own stories to tell. We all have our favorite set of colors. I personally feel as we grow our choice set does change. But still some colors are close to our heart right from our childhood. We also have all our favorite list of things of that favorite color.

Today's post is revolving around colors. Saumya my son of 3 years and almost 5 months was playing with my rubber bands of different colors yesterday evening. I had taken his admission in a play house near by my house when he was just 1 year and 8 months. It was something totally new for him, he was the youngest of all in the play house. The play house was owned by one of our family friends and as the circumstances were such that I had to keep him there for 2 hours in the day so that he can be well taken care of while he is among a group of kids and he would learn as well as get involved with others as well.

It was very early for a child to be in that environment, but he is a very very flexible and adaptable child. He never ever cried for a single day going to the play house. He started enjoying being there among the kids, playing, dancing,  listening to the rhymes, alphabets, numbers, colors, days of the week, names of the months and so much more for him to digest at this age. But still I feel all that did add a lot to his growing vocabulary in three languages, Gujarati, Hindi and English.

So he knew the names of the colors and was able to identify them very early. So yesterday when he came across a bag of mine wherein there were the rubber bands of different colors, he thought it would be fun to play with them.

We both regularly reverse our roles. He becomes Mumma and I become Saumya. Role reversal as you might have seen in the recent advertisement of Bournvita Kajol playing the role of her son and her son playing the role of Kajol. Same was the case here. He said that let us play with these bands. I agreed to him as an obedient child to his mom. He was teaching me, or was I learning from him? So nicely he put those bands on my fingers, then made me speak the names of the colors.

He also made me count those bands, asked me to pair them up as per their matching colors. When he got confused between two shades of pink the light pink and the dark pink, he asked me what color is this. As it is very difficult for a child at this age to differentiate the "Mera Vala Pink" from the shade card, as in the advertisement of Asian Paints way back. He learnt three new colors that lavender is different from purple, dark pink and light pink are two different shades of pink and that of green.

By doing this activity and spending time with him, I realized that he has grown up so much, he knows the exact pronunciation, recognizes the colors, pairs them up. rather taught me how to frame different shapes, line them up, put one band in another and much more....The black band being only one he made him the Engine of his Train and all other pairs the boogies of the train.....

In his play house he is been taught to count from 1 to 20. His teacher told me he loves to do all the things except tracing and writing. But I said he teaches me the rest very well and will learn tracing also soon as in the mobile app, he likes to trace the Alphabets and numbers on the touch screen. But does not like to do in his books with a pencil. He likes learning and apply the same in his daily life through the different activities and things around him but hates books.

The photographs that you see in this blog is all his creativity.  Imagination + Colors + Counting (Numbers) + Forming lines + Pairing. All this with just a few color rubber bands just costing Rs. 5/- which I purchased but never put it up in my hair. I personally had purchased a game wherein he would learn the different colors, shapes and count them and synchronize them together costing Rs. 250/-, which he didn't like.

So this keeps us pondering that , the way in which today's generation learns and applies, has changed, we also need to accept and adapt to these changes.

Happy Learning.........

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