Shades of Skin: Do they still matter?
|   Apr 23, 2017
Shades of Skin: Do they still matter?

Being in country of many religions, caste, creed and languages we are always taught that we should respect and treat everyone equally. But in reality are we able to do that?. My best friend, was born and brought up in a joint family which though a modern outlook family, with belief of boys and girls being treated equally, but still somewhere the discrimination based on skin color persists…

From the childhood days, she was made to believe that girls with fair complexion are more acceptable in the society and it is “THE” parameter to define beauty. This mindset is ingrained, right on the day of the birth, when the parents & family are quite concerned about the complexion of new born child, especially if it’s a girl child, as much as they are about the health. Even the friends who come to visit the mother and child do not stop commenting in the complexion of the child.

Being wheatish skinned, she developed a sense of inferiority complex and it affected her overall growth. Her thoughts and mind just focused on how to look fair and lost those precious moments on this trivial aspect in life which she now regrets. Even after getting married and being a mother of two kids still she is now feeling that his whole love of fair skin is not confined to only one family but spans various generations and society.

In spite of appreciating someone’s a good human being we appreciate how the other person appeals to us physically. Is that what we want our kids to grow up in such a society? No not at all…and to make things worst lots of commercials and products indirectly promote such discrimination

But in this complex discriminating social setup, children are “true messengers” of God and for them everyone is equal. Have you ever seen a child making friends based on color or looks?. As someone has rightly said, “Talent comes in No Color”. Many personalities across the world have time and again proved that the racial or skin discrimination cannot stop them from reaching the pinnacle of success and having well settled family lives.

Though children are pure souls they tend to learn and catch behavior from their surroundings and the way their parents/family and friends think about others. The need is to really change this mindset and make our society a truly equal society in all respects. It is our duty to stop this discrimination and respect all the colors as they are God’s creations just like we are.

 As it is said the education begins at home – so all parents should educate their kids about how inner beauty is more important than physical beauty. The need of the hour is for the parents to make our future generations such strong minded that such vague things never bother mental growths and they can use their God gifted brains in much better things. After all we mothers are the ones kids look up at and if we are determined to raise our kids in an environment free of any discrimination then no one can stop us.!

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