Please stop this in-house terrorism!
|   Jul 31, 2016
Please stop this in-house terrorism!

A mother bears, unresponsive to the sex of her child, living in a virtual oasis and loving her born selflessly. I have two sons, I did not birth a daughter; does this meek analysis; based on sole contribution of my spouse make me superior or inferior to my counterparts? My boys invariably are my strength and pride, giving me the much needed dose of self sustained identity; first one shares a close similarity to my appearance while the second has inherited most of my traits. I see my reflection in them, as if I am reliving my childhood. I cannot ask for anything more, my hands are full... As a parent I do sometimes regret not having a daughter, often wanting to dress her up responding to the cuteness overloaded girly stuff; yet I had never ever thought of the possibilities of raising anyone else but my two champs, I rather don't want to think. The pain from conceiving till delivery and the pleasure from breast feeding to their silly stage performances is no different whether the child is a boy or a girl. We mothers cuddle, kiss, bathe and feed our babies with the same love always... No mother does any less to care for her baby when one is unwell or injured. Living in this frantic world, with ghastly fear of paedophiles and perverts rendering no gender safe, all moms are equally tensed when children leave home for outdoor activities. Does delivering boys make me any lesser mother?I am called fortunate to have two sons; healthily taunted to have nothing to panic about being mother of boys at one moment and pricked painfully the very next, stating that it's an asset to have a girl in every aspect as she takes better care of her aging parents where as boys are bound to change after they get married. Why this cliche'? Our orthodox society openly applauds birth of a boy, as heir to the family and stigmatizes a girl, calling her a ''burden''. When the same people know that girl is more attached to the parents than boy, as they keep on conveying; why don't they protect the position of girls and provide them with the same status as boys? Why is an unborn girl murdered every day, why are brides harassed and burnt alive till date and why are the sisters and wives still given a second preference only to follow their brothers and husbands? If boy is the successor than why is he hammered hard to believe that girls are more sensitively attached to her parents, though he stands no less committed? Why is it made a compelled obligation for sons to stake their lives and relationships looking after the old parents or a mandatory practice for boys to fill in their father's shoes whether his size be same or different and why is a sensitive husband always tormented to be sandwiched between his mother and wife?I am not able to make out whether our children are living beings or flavoured candies and ice creams that we are expected to choose the better one out of them?We are not spared of these senseless comments at any account of resilience; can't we support our child irrespective of the sex, colour or age? As mothers we must take up the responsibility of their soulful development and put down this gender inequality as a shut and close chapter.A girl or a boy would never make any difference as the world equally needs them either, none of them is complete without the other, then what's the need of transcribing such a biased opinion in human minds over ages?As our children are not the medals to display or trophies to exhibit; so is their sexuality purely a matter of chance, not ones personal preference to be proud of. The effect of societal pressure shows relevance only on weak and diffident people and trust me; no mother who gives life can ever be so vulnerable that she can't be her child's defender.Let us pledge to be the gender bender and save our society of this in-house terrorism saving hopes and dreams of our children by being their realistic guardians.

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