How to ' Hygge ' this winter?
|   Jan 08, 2017
How to ' Hygge ' this winter?

Snow shivering the pines and firs, a simmering wholesome stock on stove and  a kin spreading hearty snuggles; its picture perfect. Winters are harsh and extreme sometimes, but warm with loved ones around. Chilled winds can be curbed with a few sips of steaming tea, a soulful soup or just  hot fluffy phulkas with tadka dal.

I came across a Danish word "Hygge" this morning, glancing at our local daily and it caught my fancy as I instantly felt a connect. It is a terminology used  for the interior of homes; a friendly anti-technology trend for winters,  meaning 'to keep cosy'. I took some time to list my theory of hygge and was filled with happiness and gratitude when looked back at it,  being blessed to have a home to shelter; with my family to hold .

Pronounced as "hue-gah"  its a feel, an emotion, the snug one can drape on a cold winter month, in the warmth of a home without the distractions due to gadgets,  ditching the disturbing technological advancements.

HYGGE  is as simple as...

* Taking a few extra minutes wrapped in the blanket after snoozing the alarm on a cold morning.

*Holding hands over romantic duets with your spouse sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

*Waking up to the aroma of freshly  brewed coffee/ tea .

*Spending an evening chit chatting with your girl friends at the leisure of your balcony.

*Reading a long halted book subsiding in a silent corner.

*Giving a tight hug to your children for nothing.

*Cooking a three course meal and winning all hearts.

*Engaging in some knitting , crochet or embroidery/ painting, pottery or craft.

*Soaking your feet in a tub of warm water.

*Lighting candles and igniting the desires.

*Creating  magical moments with fragrant flowers.

*Playing family games like cards, Scrabble, Uno, carom board ....

*Frying bhajiyas , baking cakes or steaming momos; gorging on till your heart content. Guilt free!

*Sharing childhood stories with your kids, recalling sweet- sour memories.

*Grilling a double cheese pizza and capturing the little faces brimming with smiles.

*Taking a looong hot water shower as if it's the only thing to be done  for the day.

* Letting the sun enter through the windows and brighten your space.

* Observing  the tiny leaves unfolding their ways on your potted plants.

* Opening your trunk of old photographs and reliving the glorious past.

* Your small wonders have fantastic series of their day -to- day adventures to boast. listening patiently to them; for a change.

* Be quiet and live the moment in its serene silence; let eyes do the talking!

Hugge can be cuddling  your baby or  just  looking at its innocence and feeling the beauty in the comfort of your inn, it's an experience; not an object. A comfortable seating  with  family or friends over bubbles of laughter is Hugge , it's a never negative instinct, always  energizing and positive; a simplistic pleasure...

Let there be winter everywhere to spread the rosy cheer that Hygge brings along...Waiting anxiously to hear how do you Hugge ?

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