Maa: My Sword, My Shield #Contest#EveryDayIsMothersDay
|   May 15, 2016
Maa: My Sword, My Shield #Contest#EveryDayIsMothersDay

A mother is born, as soon as a woman conceives. Contrary to the belief that childbirth is rebirth of a woman, it’s a mother who forgoes difficulties and endures a child for three trimesters to bring to life a reflection of her own self. Henceforth she counts her blessings with her heart beating in her lap, all geared up for a selfless journey of growth parallel to that of her child`s.

As each child is unique, so is every mother. All have their own strengths, insecurities, prides and prejudices. Any woman who rears a child, gives birth or imparts soulful parenting is worth a salute. Thoughtfully, an increasing number of females incapable of bearing motherhood due to unfavorable medical conditions too have a heart full of love, desperate to embrace a child. Such mothers are rare and dignified who walk the exemplary path of adoption against all odds, gifting quality life to the little ones left to mercy of god.

Each day since my birth I have been miraculously touched by my Maa. Nothing ever mattered for her more than me. She often neglected herself and forgot the world around to suffice my needs. She has been a medium of getting my plans executed that otherwise would lay fragile. Since past four decades, she`s been spoiling me wild, pampering me crazy with unexpected surprises to taking me at task when needed. She`s the one who critically reasons all my irrelevant short comings, teaching me to be a social animal; keeping the animal in me confined.

Simplicity personified, she is naturally beautiful and hates even a dash of makeup. She masters the art of winning hearts, willingly taming herself to adjust to any situation. It’s been a bountiful security to always have my mother around who magically fulfilled all my fancies even before my wishing for them. Her biggest asset is an eagerness to learn new things gleefully; at an age people tend to confine themselves to limits.

For every child, her mom is perfect; so is mine. I am said to have inherited her skills of a dedicated home maker and a palatable cook (she`s however the best and unbeatable). She is a cocoon nurturing and protecting me against all odds. She`s a magician citing solution to all my problems in a wink. My smiles cease her sorrows and my worries nullify her joys. Whether it be my decision of an inter caste settlement or living life on my terms, my fears of raising responsible children or frustrations  of adjusting to uncanny situations; her valuable advises have always put me at ease. She lends emotional yet practical solutions, fairly acceptable.

We gossip endlessly for hours about everything on the planet. We enjoy a quick bite of the oh! Not so healthy stuff at the road side kiosks. We spend hours shopping for the things never on our list. We celebrate together and attend dutifully when the other needs a shoulder for support. She ensures I have all the necessities, which are extended to luxuries at times. Talking to each other is just like a daily chore, our day seems incomplete and non-functional if one fails to hear from the other.  I see no relationship as beautiful and fulfilling as ours. She loves my children more than I do and I love her husband more than she does :):):)

I am a mother of two grown up boys today. Truly speaking, the pain while going through the hours of labor to delivery was nothing compared to the journey as a mother day after day. It’s a task raising happy children with humility and values. I am trying to do my bit each day, considering motherhood to be bliss and an opportunity to revive my duties towards the Mother Nature, giving her back soulful individuals in form of compassionately raised children.

Blessed to be born to them, I have been showered with so much love by my parents that even if I pass on half of it, my heart shall be contented and my children shall be purely lucky.

As for mother`s day, it’s totally a means of advertising and marketing our emotions. I have never needed a special occasion to tell her how important she is, to me #EveryDayIsMothersDay.


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