MARRIAGE: A Saccharine Coated Stubborn Knot!!
|   May 06, 2016
MARRIAGE: A Saccharine Coated Stubborn Knot!!

Marriage is a phenomenon whereby two individuals who are poles apart from each other in every aspect of life collide due to magnetic attraction caused by friction of family or society resulting in a powerful explosion.

Nuptial vows exchanged in electric atmosphere, extravagant grand sets resembling locations of period movies, a pair made in heaven, guests relishing mouth watering delicacies are a few of the innumerable shots from our very own big fat Indian wedding. From the invitation card to the return favours everything is so precisely handpicked that there is no chance for any mishap. Newlyweds herewith beginning a journey on the scariest roller coaster ride ever, need to fasten their seat belts and dive in the death valley, where survival is synonymous to their balancing act and compatibility with spouse.

It’s always thrilling to be a part of the ceremony. Out looking vibrantly dressed people; sashaying to the nostalgic melodies with the live band, concerned purely with the dinner menu and the dessert counter. Such esteemed guests shower blessings on the couple, basically to be part of the frame; with a proof of their presence down the memory lane, they are actually very well aware of the curtains that are about to unfold and the mess these hitched ones are gonna end up into after they leave the venue passing remarks over the food they ended up overeating.

Just married and living happily ever after is a myth. Each individual, in every 'made for each other' couple has its own list of reasons to disagree over petty issues. Tying a knot whether with some stranger or a person you love, will not make much difference in the quality of life after a few months of marriage, barring a few lucky ones in whose case everything always falls in its perfect place as planned. Couples who are idols, too; have their sets of hidden grudges and dismal; going through times of turmoil, swiping away from the limelight of the society. Time to time their bond is scanned on a rate meter, compelling them to start working towards it, in name of family prestige or children's sake; usually missing the charm of growing, loving and living together; for each other.

Youngsters opt for crash courses these days. Either they don't enroll for elaborate programmes or lose patience midway, getting bored, struggling with the clouds of uncertainty, enjoying irresponsible showers of live ins, shaking the cultural roots of Indian institution of marriages by a storm. Introduction instantly results in crush that culminates to dating; followed by live in, gradually terminating to separation on mutual consent. For them, variety is the spice of life hence they stay away from settling down.

Today, the number of marriages breaking down is out casting the news of weddings fixed. As I witness this transformation, I wonder what has changed?? People, the customs, or the society itself. One thing that is maintained ditto is the condition of living together at any cost (divorce pragmatically is the last thing on our minds even today). One has to have patience to adjust to the new circumstances and make things favourable, pushing the tolerance level to its maximum limits. As instant noodles are an easy option to a balanced home cooked meal to curb the silly hunger pangs, so is the scenario with our relationships. The twenty first century youth no longer considers marriage to be the ideal need for an everlasting companionship. Lives are getting complicated rather than being simpler due to the advancement in technology; emotions are now vomited on the social networking sites dumping the old face to face chat which used to be rather comforting, even if it were a fight.

He is the king of all packs and she, the queen of all hearts. Furthermore poor groom is torn apart playing a 'rope' in the tug of war between his parents on one side and wife on the other; while a tender docile bride struggles hard to bridge the never ending valley of differences between her family and the in-laws. A couple rating their individual sacrifices to be greater than the other are compelled to outlook their duties towards each other, ending up in a chaos leading to distraction, resulting in failure. Highly intolerant individuals cannot with stand even a little bit of friction in their mirror maze and end up lacking love, the core of happiness.

One needs to bargain with situations accepting adjustments to make space for joys to settle in. Grudging about life before and after marriage sounds senseless if one is blessed with a caring spouse, it’s a deal worth striking even if market calls it bad business. Henceforth, if a marriage fails to work; stop blaming heavens for the misfortune , instead gear up for a fresh start acting as a shock absorber when the other is electrocuted; calming down the pyre of ME to flash the lamp of WE.

Dare to live the marriages made in heaven, on Earth; as its your life and only you can make the most of it.

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