Three angles of a triangle
|   Aug 06, 2016
Three angles of a triangle

Shreya was sipping chilled berry sorbet; Irrika chose a tall glass of kit-kat shake, while Sukanya zeroed on a piping hot cappuccino in a health cafe'. It's yet another monthly meet of the three friends, which they had somehow managed to contemplate since last few years. The trio were like angles of a triangle; with strong bonds connecting them for life. They were analyzers, critics, admirers, contenders, cheerers, guarantors and everything else to each other despite of being completely dissimilar individuals.
They were called 'SIS', Shreya, a fashionable, high society gal now  married to Aakash, a business tycoon. Irrika, a strong headed, sensitive yet bold lady managing her own start up with her hubby and Sukanya  a simple, witty and attractive home maker.
Aakash was usually on work related trips abroad, Shreya accompanied him many times and had already been around half the world. This time she didn't as their son Veer had some health issues. Irrika being an expert at playing pranks, started the teasing trumps winking at Sukanya,'' which airlines is our Mr. Sky collecting air miles from this time?'' Shreya snobbishly stated, ''Swissair! he's busy with our collaborations there, it's a lot of hard work managing everything all alone in a new country, adding to the woes are harsh climate, tiring travel schedules and home sickness due to the vegan diet that Aakash follows.''
Irrika was getting wilder now: ''all alone, humm.. do you really think he might be all alone there?'' Shreya shrugged: ''what do you mean?'' ''I mean Switzerland is the last place in the world where a man would like to be all alone, I hope your  husband is genuinely overworked'' sighed Irrika. ''shut up Irrk..'', Shreya got a bit serious. Sukanya immediately controlled the situation thrashing Irrika for the bad joke, yet Irrika intentionally kept up the conversation on husbands who secretly cheated on their innocent wives.
Shreya was miffed with the meager thought of Aakash without her,  finding the discussion disgusting. She excused herself getting late for an appointment and the triplet dispersed after fixing their next meeting.
Regular chores took a toll over time and a month flew by. The three musketeers gathered again with nearly the same selection of their  stipulated favourite orders. Irrika started the conversation, ''lovely watch Shreya! seems Mr. Sky has won you all over again  with entire range of swiss sophistications.'' Shreya was smiling with pride, this time her friend's predictions were very much at place. They would always shop till their heart content in each of their trips but this time Aakash managed to fetch a lot of presents for his lady love by himself. Irrika instantly inquired if he had any female attendee there and added '' she must be classy!'' justifying that she  just thought so looking at the beautiful time piece.
Sukanya interrupted, asking about Veer's health; to which Shreya replied ''Aakash's absence makes him jittery and annoying.'' Both of them inquired: ''where is Aakash?'' oh! he had to rush back to Switzerland the same weekend he returned back as there were some important formalities to be completed. Irrika amazed: ''don't tell me he's gone all alone again...'' oh! stop it Irru, nothing about Aakash. All took it lightly, gossiped about the happenings in the city and dispersed. After a month as per planned when they were about to meet, Shreya called it off as she was unwell. She sounded so low that the two friends decided to see her.
As Irrika and Sukanya reached Shreya's house, they were directed towards her room. There lay Shreya  on her bed with unkempt strands over her pale, dull face covering her pretty almond shaped eyes swollen as raspberries. Though she was in pain, her friends sight gave her lips a forced smile. She was suffering, broken and ditched by her assumption of Aakash's secret relationship with his partner Jenny. Shreya was unable to face Irrika, being constantly reminded of her accusations, from day one. Irrika and Sukanya were cold and dumbfounded, they in their wildest dreams had never ever expected Aakash to get into something like this, what they did was a mere mockery to irritate Shreya. They gathered courage to console their friend.
With an increase in frequent trips, he stayed home for hardly fifteen days in last three months. Whenever Jenny's name flashed on the screen, Aakash would excuse himself from family; when intervened , he instructed it to be an important conversation. Even in Europe she was always with him whenever they had a chat. Shreya blamed herself for this phase of life, crying like a baby, she was desperate for Aakash. The two friends suggested a face to face conversation before jumping to conclusions. Shreya was uncertain whether he would ever return as he couldn't be contacted since last week and did not reply to Veer's messages either. She was never seen before in a more helpless state of depression, suffering, guilt, hurt and betrayal.
As Sukanya attended the door bell, there stood the charismatic Aakash with a warm smile greeting '' hey! your girly parties never seem to end!'' to which Sukanya could not reply, her head spinning with hundreds of questions finding Aakash sound so abnormally normal. As they moved in, everybody was perplexed in silence when Shreya started crying ''how can you imagine life without Veer and what's my fault?'' Aakash was uncomfortable to this type of remarks in presence of her friends, not expecting to be welcomed like this he was annoyed ''Shreya, what's wrong with you? why are you talking so strange?''
Irrika took charge interrogating him about Jenny. He said she was his partner, to which Irrika replied ''partner in crime?'' Aakash could not take it anymore and lost his temper yelling ''what the hell is going on here?'' Sukanya spilled the beans about Shreya's doubts rendering Aakash speechless, unable to believe Shreya could charge him of such allegations. He explained that Jenny helped him with the entire set up in such short span of time, her efforts have been commendable and instead of appreciating you all are cursing her. He kept on trying to contact Shreya but the network was jammed due to an avalanche, so he send some texts, when checked Shreya had eleven unattended messages in her inbox, the notification to which was unknowingly switched off.
Shreya sighed a higher outcry now, feeling too small to have embarrassed Aakash like this and staring at Irrika she pounced: ''All this happened because of the seeds you sowed in my mind'' The duo felt terrible and wanted to leave the couple alone but Aakash insisted they must stay for lunch.

Their home was bubbling with happiness once again. Shreya lovingly said:'' I won't let you go anywhere now'' to which Aakash replied:'' one last trip is on the cards, once the production begins I'll be relieved; but this time I won't go alone.'' Shreya cut him short, Veer cannot miss school, how can I? Aakash at his humorous best addressed Irrika, how about a trip with me where no man ever wants to go alone? Their house witnessed a thunderous laughter of friends that evening which buried all the blues.

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