A stopped morning
|   Sep 28, 2016
A stopped morning

It's 11:13 am in Oslo. My feet barely covered with the quilt, I lie next to my toddler with a semi reclined side sleep position. 

I could hear nothing, but just the ticking clock and my baby's stomach rumbling. 

Along with the sleeping kid, I too am hungry. My bowel system calls for a loo trip, yet I am immobile, not because I am lying with that lumbar pain which makes me feel like I am dragged by a raging car but because I am breast feeding my toddler. Because I fear a sleepless night, if he wakes up earlier he'd sleep twice a day which leads to sleepless active toddler running around the wooden floor, throwing every little and larger things he could grab, and making us stay awake and the neighbour staying under our house too. 

I tried to escape one day to have my cup of coffee so I could be ready by the time he wakes up. But unfortunately he rolled over the pillows I had stacked at the edges and fell on his chest from a height of 2.5 feet, which could've been painful to me. 

Back in India I tried to wean my kid off, I pleaded for help to keep him away but despite of doing everything people pointed on me and ensured he sleeps with multiple feeds all night. 

Today being alone I suffer, my kid too suffer sleepless nights, comforting nights, and hungry sleep time.

I wish to wake my kid up now as it is 11:40 now and I feel the pain to see my cute little one disturbed from that peaceful sleep. 

I despite of waking up at 8.30 am still not out of my bed and counting the hours I wasted which could've been useful too. 

I know lot of you can connect to me in this matter. 

Kindly pour in your comments and suggestions. I'd love to read you..

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