We were not meant to be weak, rather taught to be weak.
|   Mar 15, 2016
We were not meant to be weak, rather taught to be weak.

I lived a successful life of a teenager and enjoyed my culture and dance for more than 12 years when I realized my troublesome back pain had another side to it. I was diagnosed with bulged discs at various levels and I thrived all my life depending on someone or the other for smallest of the daily tasks, like picking up a dropped pen from the floor.

I got married to a wonderful man, with whom I shared similar thoughts and proving myself to him had been my only motive for life.

As a woman I was taught to agree to the myth that woman is weaker, and is obviously required to be suppressed under the power of a man. Hence, my inability to do certain tasks like a normal healthy spine person was an add on to this thesis. 

I strongly believed this thought until my husband left to Norway leaving us behind, between the population of filthy thoughts and mean people. 

I lived with the painful back and body through out my life until I realized that I am in the shoes of my husband, and doing the job of Myself i.e. a mother. 

I started craving for my husbands support all through the sleepless midnights, to hand me the water bottle while feeding my little baby to sleep. I soon learnt to strive and overcome my thirst and slept thirsty, hungry and some times I skipped my sleeps too.

I learnt to rush to the hospital at the emergency moments in the stinking clothes full of vomits my baby had all nights and days, and without blinking an eye or melting down to the pain he was suffering I ensured to get out of the hospital with a cure to his health.

Soon I overcame the pain, inability, problems and difficulties I had while taking moving a step ahead, and now I can vouch for my capability to groom a child by being his strong father and a soft mother together.

I realized that it was not my pain which made me unable to move forward or think out of box, but it was the thought of being dependant and disabled which was injected in my brains since a long. 

Today I can stand tall that I owe this strength, this freedom to my husband. Despite of his absence, he taught me to struggle and overcome my biggest fears of life. 

I concluded we women are not meant to be weak, we were taught to be weak.

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