|   Sep 09, 2016

Place: An IT firm

Time: Late hours around 8:30pm

A male team member encounters a problem in the system. (He is married and a father.) He needs some help from a female team member.

She is married and a mother. She is done with her work. She is winding up for the day. Few emails, few reviews, few check-ins and then ready to leave for home-sweet-home. Well, her day does not end there. She still has a bit of cooking as she reaches home, checking on her son and his homework. His dinner, medicines, preparations for the next day for his school tiffin, other house chores. Having some light moments with her son, getting her son to bed in time. Hhave her own time.... The list is long.

Team member approaches her and she agrees to help. They are analyzing the issue when her cell rings. It is her son. He is bored. He is waiting for his parents to be home. He is done with all on his list and he is eager to share the stories of the day with his parents.....to be pampered.....to cuddle with them. The call makes her feel restless, helpless. She says "I have a lot to do as I go home. Need to be with my son." Just casually....not as a complaint....

A male team member proudly says with a command in voice "That's the reason I have told my wife.... No job.... You need to be with our baby". It shows in his body language that he is very happy about his decision and that he is the one who took it.

This conversation shoots web of thoughts in a corner of her mind. Anyways.... She clears it all. She helps the team member to resolve the issue. She is home. She changes, takes a wash, and she is with her son. That's where she wants to be at this hour of the day. 

She feels she deserves more.... everywhere.....!

After dinner her husband helps her with the chores. They are partners in all that they do for family. Son is in the bed in time after brushing his teeth and family fun time. Husband and wife both have some time for doing their own things. Watch some TV together. It's time to sleep tight. Tomorrow gonna be another such long day. She quietly turns to that corner of her mind as she closes her eyes. That web is still flaunting in the corner with some more lines added to the pattern! She smiles to herself...... She is thankful that her husband does not think like that male team member! She feels rejuvenated with the thought. She feels blessed. She puts her hand on her son's forehead. He is not even aware of that web in the corner of her mind..... 

But someday he will be..... And he will be like his father. To just let it be.... To let HER be.... To let her SHE....

It is a good night for the family!

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