A thankful journey before and after
|   Apr 27, 2017
A thankful journey before and after

My pregnancy journey of 9 months has been an incredible one.It was not a roller coaster ride but a smooth sailing ship captained by my husband.I was showered with all love and affection from everyone.I had supportive doctors who made me feel optimistic and confident.I was active throughout my pregnancy even though I actually never did any exercise or walking.I used to travel by bus to my college for my Mphil programme.I am thankful to my baby for allowing me to study without troubling me much through morning sickness.Despite having only occasional vomiting I used to throw tantrums at my husband through my terrible mood swings but he never got angry.

I had cravings for channa samosa.My weekend dinner was mostly junk food with a finishing touch of an ice cream.During my 6th month I had my exams.My little munchkin inside my tummy caused no trouble and he allowed me to study.And my husband used to tease me saying this exam is not valid as two of us are writing.

Being a staunch believer in god I used to recite slokas everyday praying for a normal uncomplicated delivery.I am thankful to my mother in law for inculcating this habit in me. This induced positive vibrations warding off negative thoughts.Later when I came to my mom’s place for my delivery I was pampered so much by my parents.My mom made delicious sweets and snacks to satisfy my taste buds.I visited temples praying for a healthy baby which helped me to stay optimistic.Finally the day arrived.I was admitted in hospital during early labour. My husband was there with me throughout my labor which encouraged and helped me in normal delivery.I gave birth to a baby boy who melted our hearts on his arrival to this world.Post delivery I experienced immense pain due to episiotomy but my parents took great care of me and I am extremely thankful to my mother.

I am an overprotective mother who visited the doctor 4 times in my baby’s first month for issues such as noisy breathing,rashes.I hope my anxiety regarding my baby’s health dissolves and I enjoy every moment of his growth and development.I am grateful and obliged to every person who has been part of my journey.I sincerely pray and trust in god for my baby’s good health and happiness.




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