Shhh!!! it's a secret mom
|   Feb 06, 2017
Shhh!!! it's a secret mom

"DRIVING" was the only thing in my mind.......I may sound CRAZY, BUT UNFORTUNATELY it's true..still in this globalised world there exists people like me......Our indian society does not extend the same courtesy to WOMEN as MEN...THe belief that "Women can't drive " still exists... "Happy birthday jaan...So what do u need for a birthday gift ?" "You know what I want" "Please, don't start over it again. Everytime you spoil my mood by putting the same topic. I told you that women can't drive. Why the hell you need to learn driving? We have drivers to take you where you want...." "But that's not my point ..Listen I just..." I could not even complete my words...and the door was slammed and he was gone......The more he was stopping me ....more crazier I was going for driving....Something inside me was building up. Summer vacations were coming up , I decided this time i will take my driving lessons in my "MYKAA". But it isn't going to be easy...........

"Pa (my dad) , You love me na . I have always been your good girl. So, I want something from you this time". "Ya! I love you a lot but I hope there is nothing fishy going in your mind." "Nothing much, I want to learn driving" "But to my disappointment, the same answer...What's the need to drive?? We married you in such a well established famous family..So no need to self drive" "We already had this discussion many time "...And he started the same lecture..which I have been getting before my marriage. According to my dad, female drivers had to face embarrising moments, if their car stalls. But the thing he fails to understand is that it can happen with any it MALE OR FEMALE.. I remembered lines of a famous song..."KUCH TO LOG KAHENGE , LOGON KA KAAM HAI KEHNA" Anywayz, tired of giving logics to him .

       The last door open for me was my elder brother....So, having his favourite dish in my hand and with all the makkhan ...I started to put my point.." Bhai how is the munchurrian ?" "Yum! I was waiting for the whole year for you. I missed you. AUR BATA..EVERYTHING IS FINE ....WHY DO YOU LOOK SO SAD? SOMETHING BOTHERING YOU TELL ME ,I WILL FIX IT." The moment was here I threw my "BRAHMAASTRA" with a lot of innocence on my face. Here i go.....

"Bhai i want you to teach me driving..please" " Are you crazy, you want somebody to be killed" "But bhai.." "tujhe gussa bahut aata hai, pata nahin kab kisko uda de" And the room was filled with ...laughter..How the hell is driving related to my aggression....and if I am so aggressive why the hell I am allowed in kitchen, to play with gas, fire and KNIFE...

No one understood that it is an essential skill to learn as it leads to independence. Oh! please DRIVING A FOUR WHEELER IS NOT A ROCKET SCIENCE...Finally I tried my master plan...

After my vacations I approached my driver with a very UBLA NAARI AND INNOCENCE SMILE...I started "Bhaiya can you teach me to drive??" He looked at me as if I have bombarded a bomb at him". "Bhabhiji, SAHEB ne mujhe mana kiya hai, aapko gadi chune dene se....wo mujhe maar denge..." "Aur agar mujhe car nahi sikhai to I will kill you... bechara uski kya galti hai". I will give you 4000 bucks to teach me......isn't that enough". "NO". FINALLY I convinced him in 6000.. I always felt like a bird whose wings had been clipped...I WAS DESPERATE TO FLY ....I woke up at 5a.m. and went for a walk .( my hubby was out of town) The first day of my driving lesson..the feeling was awesome if that control of steering had given me WINGS TO FLY....but my freedom was soon caged . As third day, I was welcomed by my husband at the entrance ...OH! I forgot to tell you that being in a political family my cars and their name plates were quite famous... The memory of day is still fresh in my mind when my eight year old son came to me with a card in his hand .....Before I could ask anything he said "Ma ! papa ko pata nahi chalega, driver evening mein aayega ..apni car ke sath....and I will accompany you...just chill mom!!" I hugged him very tight, not because he cared for me ....but felt so proud of my upbringing...atleast in this male egoistic world I have managed to brought up a TRUE MAN (who is not insecure). 

DRiving is a skill which can be mastered by practice...I can't understand WHAT IT HAS TO DO WITH MALE OR FEMALE....By the way according to a car insurance research survey "Women are really better and safe drivers than men". 

He continued" ma when I will be big enough , I will teach saanvi (his younger sister)how to drive...atleast she don't have to look up to someone for her freedom..."STILL MY DRIVING LESSONS ARE GOING ON SECRETLY...SHHHH!!! IT'S A SECRET BETWEEN YOU, ME AND MY SON WHOM I AM VERY PROUD OF....



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