Be A Kid With Kids
|   Jan 21, 2016
Be A Kid With Kids

Do  you miss your childhood days and the whole lot of fun ?

Of course you would say,playing “Kancha” and “Gilli Danda” under the Sun.


Those were the days loaded with merry-making,chirping  and cheering with buddies

Bereft of all worries and apprehensions, but studies


We elders  can’t stand even for a minute to let go off our kids out of sight

Whereas  Children demand freedom to hop,to jump and run around even during night


Imposing rules and expressing anger for the wrong deed does more harm than good

However allowing them to voice their concern must be the practice followed by every parent should


Why not simply turn into a kid when with kids and understand their small but cherishing world

Rather  than wrest  their  precious laughter and pleasure of exploring  the ball when hurled


This way we elders will not only get to relive those precious early days but also move closer to their innocent heart

Undeniably  it is a well known  fact  that these days  kids are way too smart


So go ahead and mingle with these little kids by being yourself one

As  your kidos will move out of your nest once grown up,be it either Daughter or your Son

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