Essentially Essential - Dabur Baby Massage Oil for Little Munchkins
|   Jul 02, 2016
Essentially Essential - Dabur Baby Massage Oil for Little Munchkins

The arrival of a newborn to the family after months of long wait, is the most joyful moment for every parent .It gives a new meaning to a couple’s life. And this Grand Celebration time is also accompanied by ample responsibilities .When it comes to choosing the best for their child, parents don’t compromise on their child’s health and well being .From getting the vaccinations timely done, to choosing the right baby products or seeking the best Pediatrician in town, every small detail has to pass through several screenings. Daily massage of the baby is also counted as the most crucial activity, which helps in better physical growth of the baby.It is a practice widely followed in India that has been passed down from generation to generation. The gentle and magical strokes of mother while massaging the baby works wonders in developing a strong bond between them.

Babies have gentle and super sensitive skin which needs extra care. Like every mother, I am also very particular in choosing the products to be applied on my baby’s skin. For over the years my mother and Nani has been all praise for Dabur Lal Tail, and has even coined a phrase “Hamare Laal ke liye,sirf Dabur Lal Tail”. So without giving a second thought, I was hooked to this massage oil from Dabur from the time my daughter was born.

Baby Care Range of Dabur- Dabur Baby focuses exclusively on developing product by sourcing the ingredients from natural sources which are safe and nourishing for newborn . Its product have been created through extensive research and selection of ingredients suited to the baby’s need.

Dabur’s Olive and Almond Baby Massage Oil-Dabur has now an addition to massage oil alongside of Dabur Lal Tail. Baby massage oil with Olive and Almond is their newly launched baby care product .With the goodness and unique combination of Olive and Almond, this massage oil also is a hit amongst many moms. Continuing the age old tradition, this product also is infused with goodness of natural ingredients. Olive is known to help faster muscle development and quicker bone formation. Almond makes the skin soft and supple. Natural oils including Sunflower, Almond, Olive, Jojoba and Sesame enhances its efficacy in providing nourishment and moisturizing baby’s skin. Antioxidants, Tocopheryl ,TBHQ and fragrance also are its composition. Regular massage from Dabur Baby massage oil helps to strengthen bones and muscles.

My Oily Affair-My little angel is now almost 2yrs of age and a super active toddler who keeps me on toes, the entire day. Till the time she was crawling, daily massage was fun for her. Post she learned walking, massage seemed to have little or no interest .But still I am continuing the ritual, while she is asleep .And I am glad that I chose Dabur Oil for my Princess. I feel elated when I see her running all round the house without getting tired easily.As suggested by elders and senior most females of the house,massaging is beneficial during winters but not during summers because of its heating effect.So while I was on the lookout for a massage oil befitting for summers ,I came across this newly launched massage oil from Dabur with Olives and Almonds .It has a non greasy texture, easily absorbed by the body.This oil also has a very soothing fragrance. Regular massaging from this oil as claimed will make bones and muscles stronger.Moreover it is dermatologically tested for skin safety,so I do not have to worry about rashes on my baby’s skin.

Pricing and Packaging- Minutest details has been kept in mind not to harm the child, by making it completely baby proof, the very first thing which has been taken care of. Break free and easy to handle flip open easy pour plastic bottle of Dabur Massage Oil scores 10 on 10 when it comes to packaging. Given the mix of natural ingredients and antioxidants, it is offered at a reasonable price of INR 110 for 100ml.

Shelf Life-Dabur Baby Massage Oil has a shelf life of 1.5yrs.

Verdict- I would rate it as 4/5.

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