Health and Hygiene Matters Most
|   Feb 06, 2017
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Health and Hygiene Matters Most

Overjoyed with the news of Ruhi (close relative) delivering a baby boy, I decided to visit her shortly. Within a couple of days my husband and I reached Delhi, to congratulate new parents and meet the new member of the family. I couldn’t take my eyes off from the little angel. While others enjoyed their conversation, I enjoyed the company of this cute little baby. It was as if I had got a free pass to carry on my love affair with the little teddy bear.


We were not sure what all could we have added to the items we had purchased as gifts for the newborn. I have known cloth nappies being used for the newborn since long so I had purchased that for him. But since babies pass urine very frequently, changing nappies throughout the day is the task and it continues for a while, I wasn’t sure of my selection.


That’s when Asma aunty informed me, that they have opted for diapers over cloth nappies even at home. That made me wonder, why this decision?? In my head keeping the baby with diapers throughout the day can make him cranky and irritated. And it would also not be cost effective. It was then she explained me the reason for the decision.


Immediately after few hours of baby’s birth, he was diagnosed with jaundice and was shifted to NICU to be kept under rays to get his Bilirubin levels down. By God’s grace, he was all right and was handed over to Ruhi after two days. The pain of getting separated from her new-born, left the mother a lot disturbed. It was strictly advised by doctors to take good care of the baby and not let him be exposed to any unhygienic surrounding as new-borns are very sensitive and will catch infections very easily.


Ruhi was sceptical about hygiene issues and didn’t take any chance when it comes to the health of the baby. So the chore of cleaning baby’s and her cloth was done on her own, with utmost cleanliness. And that is when diapers took the place of cloth nappies. They were easy to handle, in terms of disposing and not bothering about it for few hours after putting it on baby. Use of diapers turned out to be a very good option, with much less mess. The baby also responded very well. He was able to sleep uninterrupted which would not have been possible had it been cloth nappies.


Ruhi could also make up for the loss of her night sleep during daytime. This kept Ruhi fresh and energetic throughout the day, which a new mom desperately longs for. And the thought process which kept doing rounds that keeping the baby on diapers throughout the day leads to rashes turned out to be a myth.


After the confinement period of 40 days, Ruhi decided to move to her hometown to carry on the rituals in the presence of all relatives and acquaintances and let the new-born meet everyone in the family. Her home town was definitely not at a stone throw away distance. She had to travel 26 hours to reach there. And even then diapers came in handy. Putting a diaper on a baby’s bum sets you free from watching every now and then.


After the birth of my daughter, my personal experiences of diapers have only increased my trust and love for them. I personally opted for Pampers, which is World’s leading and most trusted diaper brand. Pampers also has a range of Premium Care Pants which are extremely easy to use and safe for the comfortable for the baby too.


As I continue the diapering journey, I can’t stop gushing about its benefits. The new range of Pampers Premium care pants are suitable for the soft and delicate skin of new-borns. It is so soft and dry that your baby will hardly notice them while wearing it. It has a comfortable snug fit waistband design which minimizes leakage. Baby lotion laid in between diaper layers helps protect baby’s gentle skin. It also has a unique feature which no other brand has, The Wetness Indicator. This new feature helps one to know when it’s time to change, as it turns yellow to blue when in contact with liquid. All this and much more with none other than my best choice-Pampers. It has never let me down, not even once.

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