My son!!
|   Apr 29, 2016
My son!!

As a parent, one of my most important goals is to raise my child as a self-reliant and independent in the future. That is not an easy thing to do. As a parent, I am are torn between wanting their children to remain babies forever and wishing for the time when they will be independent enough to do something on their own.

We parents always try our level best to make our children well behaved and disciplined. But mostly our efforts backfire or don't work at all as we make some mistakes. And the biggest irony is that most of the times we don't realize our mistake and keep on putting burden of our failure on kids.

Shouting out

Talking and talking but not listening

Bribing your child

Not doing what you preach

The important thing to remember is we need to train our children to be independent because they will not successfully learn that on their own. One common mistake is habitually doing things for your child that they are already capable of doing themselves. That will send your child the wrong message that you don’t have any confidence and trust in their abilities. If a parent continues with that kind of behavior, they may end up with a child who lacks independence, self-esteem and problem-solving skills.

Let them take the responsibility

Encourage and dont look for perfection

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