Story of a scared child...
|   Dec 03, 2016
Story of a scared child...

Riya, I first met her in classroom was an introvert child but one of bright student. I was new English teacher and was getting introduced with all the students in the classroom when I first saw this girl sitting quiet and there I noticed something annoying with her. After 3 months of teaching, one day I saw her sitting alone in the class in lunch break. I asked her why she is not going out and playing with the classmates she replied I don't like going out and playing with others ma'am, that thing I took as a normal but after few weeks I found that there is something which is disturbing her little brain. I called her next day in the break and ask if there is anything Riya which is bothering you and assured her that I will help you out in all the matter and will be there for you. She said ma'am one of  my uncle sometimes come at home to play with me but I don't like his touch, it hurts. And, then she started crying. On hearing the entire talk I called her parents and told everything to them and while talking they told me that they have also noticed the change in her but couldn't find out why she was behaving like this. They were so shocked to know that the person was one of there close relative. On that very day her parents after going home had talk with that person and warmed him to stay away from their child else he will be given to the police. Luckly they saved their child from getting abused from that person. 

After few months, Riya participated in a dance function and danced so gracefully. We all were so reliefed that we have saved one life.

But, we as parents should keep a check on our children's behaviour and should ensure that they get only the best. They should not be afraid of telling anything to us.

Happy parenting!

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