50 shades of a Woman
|   Mar 08, 2016
50 shades of a Woman

It’s International Women’s Day today and as everyone is talking about it so I thought of sharing something on this day and here I write about some shades of a woman, which we women can really relate to.

#WomanInMe is ‘first’ a daughter who owes everything to her parents and can do anything to see them happy.

#WomanInMe is a sister who has got an ‘angelic soul sister’. She’s my best friend, my confidante, a person with whom I can discuss anything without the fear of being judged. I consider myself very lucky to have her in my life.

#WomanInMe is a wife of a ‘King’, who treats her like a ‘Queen’. I think the previous line says it all.

#WomanInMe is a daughter-in-law who gives love and respect and gets all the good things in return.

#WomanInMe is a sister-in-law who is a friend, a partner-in-crime and a confidante.

#WomanInMe is a ‘crazy nut’ who loves to shop, eat, travel and repeat!

#WomanInMe is accepting to all the bullshit that happens after marriage!

#WomanInMe is a lover who really is not very romantic but tries to make her partner feel loved by delivering the filmy romantic dialogues.

#WomanInMe is a friend who loves girly dates and is always ready to support in difficult times.

#WomanInMe is a dreamer who day dreams and is also working towards fulfilling them.

#WomanInMe is a fighter who is not afraid of any challenge that life has to offer.

#WomanInMe is a cook who adds her love and care to whatever she cooks for her family.

#WomanInMe is a home-maker who binds everyone into a family and converts a home into a temple.

#WomanInMe is a protector who prays for the well-being of her family and protects them from the evil eyes.

#WomanInMe is a contributor to the family, to the organisation and to the nation.

#WomanInMe is a manager of the family who looks after everyone and that too without pay.

#WomanInMe is disciplined who knows what is to be done and when is to be done.

#WomanInMe is motivated 24/7. Not really!

#WomanInMe is the Goddess Kali who destroys the evil forces surrounding her and her family.

#WomanInMe is a learner who believes in constant learning in every aspect of life.

#WomanInMe is a seeker of truth who wants to know the purpose of her existence on earth.

#WomanInMe is a juggler who is constantly juggling among various roles and responsibilities that she owns.

#WomanInMe is adventurous who wants to travel around the world and does not shy away from experiencing new things.

#WomanInMe is brave who doesn’t fear death.

#WomanInMe is a theist who believes in the existence of God and is afraid of Him.

#WomanInMe is weird who gets mad at petty issues.

#WomanInMe is one-of-a-kind who cannot be replaced by any other human-being in any role. ‘She is unmatched’!

#WomanInMe is luminous who emanates light in dark times.

#WomanInMe is strong from outside.

#WomanInMe is fragile from inside.

#WomanInMe is forgiving for people who she loves and cannot do without.

#WomanInMe is sacrificing but not a victim.

#WomanInMe is candid in her conversation and doesn’t like to manipulate.

#WomanInMe is proud of her gender.

#WomanInMe is honest about the duties that she has to fulfill, in whatever role she’s playing.

#WomanInMe is kind who has got heart for every living thing on this earth.

#WomanInMe is daring and is not scared of failure.

#WomaninMe is practical; she knows when to let her mind take over her heart.

#WomanInMe is observant of the environment she lives in because there are some monsters freely roaming around in her vicinity.

#WomanInMe is opinionated when it comes to matters, which really affects her existence.

#WomanInMe is committed to doing good.

#WomanInMe is expressive in her thoughts and actions.

#WomanInMe is a drama-queen who sometimes cries for no reason.

#WomanInMe is goal-oriented because this is something which keeps her going.

#WomanInMe is energetic for the things that she has to achieve.

#WomanInMe is empowered with knowledge and information.

#WomanInMe is a queen in her own world.

#WomanInMe is a responsible citizen of India and she’s proud of it.

#WomanInMe is a human-being who has got soft-corner for any other human-being.

#WomanInMe is the ‘MOTHER’ who creates and endures. This is the best role that she can play; this is what makes her a complete woman. She is the one who is responsible for the very existence of human race. Let’s not suppress this creature and let her blossom and chirp around freely without the fear of being trapped and destroyed.

Do not consider us a weaker sex because when we retaliate, it comes with double force that leaves unbearable pain and a scar. So show some respect and mean it. Thank You.


Cheers to all Women!

We are beautiful.

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