An important lesson I learnt from my toddler daughter
|   Apr 06, 2017
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An important lesson I learnt from my toddler daughter

Generally, we parents love talking about our babies’ milestones and the cute small things that they do. How many of us pause for a minute and realize that these teeny-weeny beings are constantly observing & copying us in their actions.

I read this quote somewhere:

“Children are great imitators so give them something great to imitate.”

And I truly believe these words as I had learnt my lesson few months back & wrote this in my journal book:

Today I am feeling little bad... neither I had a spat with my husband nor my maid took a leave. There is something which I did in front of my daughter, which she instantly copied and shocked me and made me think about the good and bad influence of parents on their children; until that incident, I had always read about this statement- “What they see is what they do.” Now, I totally believe in this saying. So in afternoon, post taking quick bath as my daughter was fast asleep, I followed daily ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturizing and put the used cotton on the dressing-table and then went to the worship room. After 10-15 minutes, as soon as my meeting with God got over, my daughter woke up and came running to me saying ‘Mee, Mee’ (she looks the cutest when she calls me like that). Then, I fed her some curd (she loves it) and thought about drying clothes in the balcony. As I was approaching to the balcony, I saw that used cotton and picked it in my hand and went to the balcony and straight away threw it from the 6th floor and then saw it flying in curiosity where it lands (how stupid of me, I usually don’t do such mindless acts). All this while, I didn't realize my 18 months old daughter was observing me. And in a few seconds my daughter threw her toy down the balcony. The reason why I am so surprised by her this act is earlier she never ever threw anything from the balcony; instead she used to be very careful and protective of her belongings. At that very moment I realized how soft and innocent are the minds of these babies, they can be moulded in any shape by the parents. Really, primarily only we can shape their personality. Whatever they will see us doing, they will copy that. We are their primary teacher and first role model. Now I have clearly understood and learnt my lesson that whatever I choose to do, it will directly affect my daughter’s personality and her actions. I want her to be grown as an intelligent and smart girl and, of course a responsible citizen. I am a big supporter of our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and now I take a pledge not to do such thing again because I don’t want to create bad examples in front of my daughter. They say- “Always practice what you preach; otherwise you will be nothing more than a hypocrite...” That is the truth!

What have you learnt from your kids so far? Do share in the comments.

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